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Teachers Creating Portfolios

How are teachers in your area using portfolios in the classroom or professionally?

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Dean Utian

Posted on 6/22/19 6:56:29 AM Permalink

​At my university, The University of New South Wales (UNSW), a number of faculties use ePortfolios but we don't have a common platform. I am currently investigating options. For an ePortfolio, we'd way it to cater for the different types / use cases including:

  • ​Showcase - professional portfolios, formal portfolios, presentation portfolios, representational portfolios, career or employment portfolios
    ​- displaying the best of
    ​Could display the best work of an individual student across multiple courses, best of work in one course, best of across years...
  • Developmental - learning portfolios, reflection portfolios, formative portfolios, working portfolios
    ​- student driven
    ​- showing the progress of the project
    ​We often use blogs (Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress).
  • Assessment - summative portfolios, institutional portfolios
    ​- generally used by instructors / educators

Here are some examples from my faculty (UNSW Built Environment).

Clarissa Kohel

Posted on 5/25/19 1:41:12 AM Permalink

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Cheriss May

Posted on 5/24/19 6:15:19 PM Permalink

​Several classes in our school, we require the students to put their finished work into a digital portfolio. The goal is to have a body of work, a viable portfolio they can take/use to apply for internships, and jobs.

Cortez William

Posted on 5/19/19 3:53:27 AM Permalink

​It is not yet popular in our area. However there is a positive feedback to use portfolios in the class of graduating students to keep track of their growth and development.

Lori Ordway

Posted on 2/14/18 2:04:09 AM Permalink

​Portfolios are a great way to capture the student's work. I will definitely be looking into how to use Abobe products for my student's portfolios.

Maris Herr

Posted on 1/7/15 6:09:05 AM Permalink

I created a PDF portfolio for my Art Metal (TAS) students last year, using InDesign then converting to interactive PDF. The students loved using the folio and having all their worksheets, tests and information sheets in one place.

The biggest advantage I found was that it enabled me to make the meanings for subject specific words available on screen and in context, by way of fly out boxes. This meant that the students didn’t have to ask for an explanation and risk appearing silly. The use of subject specific vocabulary in the classroom rocketed up.

I could give feedback to the students by adding sticky notes to their files, and at the end of the semester all the students had a good looking folio to submit for assessment. Anoher of the things that the students really liked was that they didn't have to deal with B&W photocopies.