Rachael Stokes
Secondary Visual Art and Design Teacher


Hey world!

Would anyone be interested in acting as a client for my grade/year 11 group of students for a logo design? They have to create three mock ups within Adobe Photoshop and then refining within Adobe InDesign.

I am more than happy to have more than one client.

Located in Perth, Western Australia

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • InDesign

    Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.

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Becky Lawson

Posted on 4/1/17 4:37:10 AM Permalink

​Hi Rachael... If you still need clients, I'd love to see what your kids could do for my blog! Let me know, and I'll send my URL.


Javier Saavedra

Posted on 3/20/17 3:51:59 PM Permalink

​Hi, I am the person in charge of the MakerSpace in our school. I am willing to be a client. Let me know. :)

Misuzu Bondoc

Posted on 3/19/17 3:03:44 AM Permalink


I'm the STEM Lead Teacher at a middle school in Tampa, Florida. Would love to collaborate or serve as a "client."

Awesome project!


Jay Kleinrichert III

Posted on 3/18/17 1:34:00 PM Permalink

​Have you checked out ? Wile I don't agreed with this model for actual design work (what other field makes people "compete" for their business?!), I think think it's great design students. It gives them a chance to see real world "design brief", which is critical in designing a logo.

​Also, why are you using Photoshop and not Illustrator for logo work?

Dorn Williston

Posted on 3/16/17 4:23:52 AM Permalink

​if you still need clients, I would love to see what logo your students would create for me. Thanks

Alice Wilson

Posted on 3/15/17 11:04:42 PM Permalink

B​ Hello there from Alabama, USA. You've got a great thing going here and it appears that you

may have more clients than you can handle. However, if you need a fine art n commercial photographer client. I'd be glad to participate.

Jon Gelinas

Posted on 3/15/17 4:40:16 PM Permalink

​I do a similar project with the Multimedia Communications students at Yukon College (way up in northern Canada). We do a call out to not-for-profit agencies and often get a lot of interest. It is a great way to connect and give back to your community while helping out organizations that do not have the budget or resources to undertake an expensive visual design project. The students in turn receive practical experience working with a real-world client. Just a thought. :)

mag beth

Posted on 3/15/17 4:21:35 PM Permalink

​Hello! I am a college instructor, and could use a little personal branding help. A logo would be great! Let me know if I am an ideal client.

Jeff Thungc

Posted on 3/15/17 3:19:21 PM Permalink

Ashley Herndon

Posted on 3/15/17 2:22:14 PM Permalink

​Sure! I am a graphic design teacher in Missouri. I am hoping to opening up my own design business called "New Brush Creatives."
​I would love some help and see what they come up with!!!

Na Nann

Posted on 3/15/17 1:04:54 PM Permalink

​Hi, If you are still taking clients our business is called Building Place. It is a consulting firm for urban/rural planning of spaces. We have struggled with coming up with a good idea and could really use the help. Thanks for considering! What a great way to learn too. Feel free to contact me at: creative minds 13 @ Just take out the spaces.

Michael Barath

Posted on 3/15/17 12:57:33 PM Permalink

​Hi. If you are still looking for potential "clients," I am a photographer living in the states. You can look at the Just Us Two Photography site at My email is Good luck with this project - it's a very cool idea.

Disa Perry

Posted on 3/15/17 12:13:40 PM Permalink

​I have need for two logos.

One Javonz is a Creative Consulting Firm, I've been using the font Murray Hill and would like to continue to do so.

The other is a logo for an itinerant speaking organization called Echo ... "Helping you reach further"

I can be reached at

Ashit Bhatnagar

Posted on 3/15/17 7:23:53 AM Permalink

​Hello Rachael I am looking for a logo for "Balajee Photographs and Digitals ". B denotes the spiritual aspect of the company, P denotes that we are in to business of Photography and folms, D denotes the digital revolution. We are an advertising company in India.

medi selmani

Posted on 3/15/17 6:10:14 AM Permalink

​I have a new fashion label needing a logo. We are a luxurious Australian made women's wear brand using exquisite fabrics.

Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 6:20:37 AM Permalink

​Oh sweet! Have a couple of girls keen to design a logo, do you have a name?

medi selmani

Posted on 3/15/17 9:51:10 AM Permalink


It is:


Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 1:33:01 AM Permalink

​Oh the response is overwhelming! Thank you all so much! I will read through them today and let my class know!

​Thank you again!

Stephen Shooster

Posted on 3/15/17 1:28:27 AM Permalink

I'm glad to participate. I have many companies you can review with an eye toward new logo.

Meg Garven

Posted on 3/15/17 12:39:29 AM Permalink

​Hi there,

If you are still looking for clients I'm a member of a camera club that is looking for an updated logo. Please let me know if you are still looking.

Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 6:20:53 AM Permalink

​Definitely! Hit me up!

Deandrea Newsome

Posted on 3/15/17 12:22:19 AM Permalink

​I would love to be a client, if you are still looking for them! My email is

Angela Fisher

Posted on 3/14/17 11:05:54 PM Permalink

​I'm looking for a logo for an educational technology platform for connecting classrooms globally. If this sounds interesting to your students, feel free to email me at chansondelaharpe at gmail. dot com. I'd love to see what they come up with!

Joanne Nichols

Posted on 3/14/17 7:32:05 PM Permalink

​If you are still looking for clients I am looking for a logo for my new learning blog based in Blue Mountains Sydney. What a great idea you have. Just wondering if you are teaching them the WCAG compliance in colour contrast etc? The reason I ask is that as an eLearning developer I have realised alot of logos are not compliant so it's an interesting topic of debate, do we think a logo should be? Anyway good luck either way.

Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 6:22:45 AM Permalink

​Hi Joanne, I am not teaching them the WCAG compliance in colour contrast, but if you have some guidelines - I can assist them?

Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 6:22:48 AM Permalink

​Hi Joanne, I am not teaching them the WCAG compliance in colour contrast, but if you have some guidelines - I can assist them?

Meg O Harrison

Posted on 3/14/17 7:12:55 PM Permalink

​Hello Rachel,

What a fun and realistic idea for your students to practice on. I have a family real estate business that we have been thinking of rebranding. My sons would probably be thrilled to see what your students' vision of a new logo would be. If you think this type of project would be helpful for your class, just let me know!

Thanks Rachel~

Matthew Miller

Posted on 3/14/17 6:48:37 PM Permalink

​If you don't already have more than enough, I would love to have your students work on redesigning the logo for my online Design Technology course and website: The color scheme is set (I can provide a Kuler pallette) but the logo is wide open. My email is

Douglas Blackley

Posted on 3/14/17 6:43:15 PM Permalink

Christine Evans

Posted on 3/14/17 6:17:50 PM Permalink

​If you are still looking for clients, I have a real-world non-profit (local community dinner & food pantry) that needs new branding. Not happy with the pro-bono professional work so far - would love to see what the kids can come up with. We have some detailed specifications. Contact me at The students can view the organization's website at We're looking for a logo that is simple, ownable, and scalable - and perhaps takes cues from the current logo be is fresh and modern. New color scheme (greens and golds?) that imply fresh food, and ideas that revolve around community, table, food, and such are "on the table". We can send samples of what we have liked/not liked.

Jeff Thungc

Posted on 3/14/17 5:54:15 PM Permalink

​If you still need a client, please email me at I have several projects that your students can work on.

Julia Lutgendorf

Posted on 3/14/17 5:52:18 PM Permalink

​I'm happy to act as a client. I have no particular needs for a logo, but I can create specs for a fictitious company if needed.


Posted on 3/14/17 5:51:09 PM Permalink

I actually love this idea. Good thinking. I'm in:

John Cooper

Posted on 3/14/17 5:49:17 PM Permalink

​I have a general idea for a logo for my small business and would be happy to act as a client if it's something you could use. You can contact me at

Loralea Baldwin

Posted on 3/14/17 5:47:53 PM Permalink

​I would love to see what your students could come up with for a sustainable farming/ agriculture business.

Let me know if you would like more information


Posted on 3/14/17 5:45:35 PM Permalink

​If you still need clients, I have a company that would be fun to design a logo for!

Joseph Wertz

Posted on 3/14/17 5:43:59 PM Permalink

David Weil

Posted on 3/14/17 5:35:20 PM Permalink

Rachael - this is a long shot, from a long way away in Denver, CO - USA, but we are looking for an illustration for an upcoming dance performance - not a logo, but a very interesting opportunity. Please email me at to learn more. I can send you our "Call for Proposals".

alvaro plaza

Posted on 3/14/17 5:32:21 PM Permalink

​hi looking for logos. For. It is an eccomerce site selling clothing and accessories

Also, Photography site

Let me know my email is

Melissa Huntsman

Posted on 3/14/17 5:32:18 PM Permalink

​I am available if you still need clients.

Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 6:10:12 AM Permalink

Definitely! My students are keen beans!

Jill Parry

Posted on 3/14/17 5:32:17 PM Permalink

​You may have more than you need right now but, just in case, I'd love to do this.

Jill Parry

Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 6:10:05 AM Permalink

Definitely! My students are keen beans!

Tamika Durham

Posted on 3/14/17 5:14:46 PM Permalink

​do you still need clients? We have a few brands that need logos!

Rachael Stokes

Posted on 3/15/17 6:10:00 AM Permalink

Definitely! My students are keen beans!