Meredith Blache

Letting the student chose the the media type

Have you ever allowed your students chose the media type to complete their assignment? I have given assignments and allowed the student to select from every types of media to complete the same assignment. I am wondering if other teachers of done something similar? 

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Mike Skocko

Posted on 3/24/14 3:08:17 PM Permalink

You mean we're supposed to specify the media type? I've been doing it wrong for years! ;)

+1 to everyone who provides such opportunities.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 3/18/14 2:26:00 PM Permalink

I gave my media students the opportunity to choose which method they wanted to use for the presentation of their research project. The methods I offered them included: A Blog, A Powerpoint Presentation, An Interactive PDF, Video. Apart from the video choice, all the others were utilised with great effect, especially the blog method. This proved to be highly effective, as the students were able to make it interactive for the audience. Giving them a choice like this allowed the students to apply a lot of critical thinking on their work, and their presentations were far more evocative than if I chose for them.

Dale Bendsak

Posted on 9/28/13 1:17:27 PM Permalink

Yes, I have. I recently gave an Industrial Design Project where students had the option of creating the outcome using one of three methods- Traditional Media (anything), 3D software (Maya), or 2D software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). The results were wonderful!

Was the outcome successful for you?

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 8/9/13 9:56:03 AM Permalink

I think this is a step in a good direction. What kind of prompt are you thing of doing? What sorts of media do they have to choose from? And, as Dan suggests below, have you considered forming your prompt as a problem to be solved?

Dan Armstrong

Posted on 7/29/13 5:46:41 PM Permalink

It's a great concept but I have never thought of giving them a problem and asking them to provide their own solution. I think this would be a great thing for a final project to encompass all of the students learning. I often have them create a brand for a fake company and give them directions on what they need to create. It would be an interesting spin to tell them they can develop it with any tool in any way instead of requiring a tri-fold.