Bob Tuttle
Professor & Consultant

Using Power Point Animation and Presenter

There are a couple of things I have noticed about people using Power Point and Presenter: 1) Too much text on a slide, which makes it difficult to read, and 2) The lack of using animation on the slides. While Presenter is a great product, if people don't know how to do good (great) Power Point presentations, it detracts from Presenter. Does anyone else have thoughts about this?

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William Cortez

Posted on 5/28/19 3:14:03 PM Permalink

It is a good observation. The point is to have a balance between the use of Power Point and Presenter. They should complement each other to achieve the quality output.​

Maureen LloydJames

Posted on 7/28/15 6:51:07 PM Permalink

Absolutely, we have set a 'standard' on our university campus, that is for both students and faculty. We consistently encourage its use. It was created by our communications, and technology teachers three years ago and has been adopted by our complete faculty. It is a one-page hand out that covers what we know are good presentation skills both using the technology and the actual presentation skills. Keeping It Simple is the theme and over the past three years we have seen a huge improvement in really making the presentation focus on the topic and not the application. Those days of seeing essays on slides are definitely now on the way out and now the audience is more focused on the content.

Karl VonSchonfeldt

Posted on 6/19/15 5:32:45 PM Permalink

I agree, too much information on a slide certainly detracts from a presentation. My 5th graders are learning how to use Prezi, Powerpoint, and Google presentations and the first ones are just hilarious since all we see from the presenters are their backs as they strain to read the slides that they have created. Later, they start to use bullet points and include some animation.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 5/31/15 10:13:41 AM Permalink

Good point. I don't use Presenter but do use Office Mix, a plugin for Powerpoint which has similar functionality. One of the key things that that training for that emphasises is that you have to have a good powerpoint (following design rules such as not much text) before creating the Mix.

Thinking about how the presentation or Mix will be used and the experience the user gets is really important.

Tiffany Holmes

Posted on 5/31/15 1:38:54 AM Permalink

I agree with text. If you have too much on one slide, people do not pay attention to what the slide is about and will not pay attention to what you have to present.