Rajesh Krishnan

Workflow for medical visualization and animation

There are standard story-boarding techniques in bringing out the concept of illustrating a medical condition like fever, body pain and so on. Ps, Fw and Ai are tools used for this purpose. Though I am familiar with out-of-the-box techniques used in this situations, sharing experiences may come in handy.

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tavi barnes

Posted on 8/27/13 10:31:07 PM Permalink

Do you have any tips that can help a person get more familiar with such subject. Do you have a website or link that can show this technique/medical illustration?

Rajesh Krishnan

Posted on 10/1/13 4:17:58 PM Permalink


Yes, I do have tips and some finished projects available in public domain. Shall correspond shortly. was held up with professional commitments.

Thanks and regards,