Tyler Dockery

When will the 2015 Adobe Education Train the Trainer course open?

Does anyone know when the 2015 Adobe Education Train the Trainer course will open? I see the link for 2014 is still active... This sounds really fun and informative...


Tyler Dockery

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Brian Duck

Posted on 10/21/15 12:16:35 PM Permalink

The information has been posted, but the link is dead!

Adobe Education Trainers Page

The Adobe Education Trainer page has a prominent registration link, but it used the "Adobe Forms Central" service that is now retired, so the page results in a screen that states:


The requested resource

is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. Please remove all references to this resource."

Adobe Education

Posted on 10/21/15 2:52:59 PM Permalink

We will be offering the Train the Trainer course again in Summer 2016 and it is free. The link will be working again closer to the date.

The AEE Team

Melissa Oldrin

Posted on 5/18/15 9:46:12 PM Permalink

It's a great course, Tyler. And then, once you finish, you are part of a 700+ community of global Adobe Education Trainers, with your own EdEx group and unique discussions and resources. Hope to see you there!

Adobe Education

Posted on 5/14/15 7:09:41 PM Permalink