Beverly Tate
Web Developer/Interactive Media Designer


I tried Captivate 8 for the first time, and I love it. I think it will be excellent in creating interactive designs for student to interact and engage with.

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MJ Raatz

Posted on 3/6/15 1:50:22 PM Permalink

I've used captivate for many years. I like the fact that with each new version, the tasks become easier and the compatibility of the output is much easier to get right. Well done Adobe!

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 1/19/15 9:32:15 AM Permalink

Captivate is brilliant for creating interactive things, such as worksheets. Very easy and intuitive to use.

There is an Adobe Train the Trainer course starting around now (I think) that is focusing on Captivate maybe worth joining?

Damian Del Vecchio

Posted on 1/18/15 11:06:14 PM Permalink

I have only just come across Captivate. Does it screen capture as well? I am looking for the ability to create interactive video tutorials and was about to edit my content using flash to pause and enter questions but it looks like Adobe Captivate can do it all. Is that the case?

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 1/19/15 9:33:06 AM Permalink

It can capture what you are doing (so you can explain how to use software etc).

Adobe Education

Posted on 1/8/15 5:54:38 PM Permalink

So great to hear you are enjoying Captivate. Tammy Moore another AEE member has created and shared some great stuff. We would love for all of you to share the content you are creating with Captivate on the Exchange as well!

The AEE Team

Jaroslav Verlík

Posted on 1/5/15 10:11:40 PM Permalink

Hi, you are right. Im user Captivate since version 4. Made so lot of edu-content -:)

I hihgly recommend for all educators -:)


Kathryn Blaylock

Posted on 1/3/15 2:05:12 AM Permalink

You are truly an inspiration! Captivate is on top of my list of tools I need to become proficient in to be a seasoned Instructional Designer. I just finished my MS in Instructional Design Technology and have so much more to learn in the way of gaining much needed skills to perform the work I need to do. It's a bit overwhelming, but I am continuing with workshops offered by Adobe to learn more about how to develop my skills and creativity. Beverly, have you been using Captivate long? Any tips & pointers would be very much appreciated.