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Future Learning- How do we as educators use online sites & apps to support learning in and out of the classroom?

I have been struck recently by the opportunities of online sites, apps & networks at bring world class 'best Practice to my learners in a small town called Barnsley in Yorkshire UK. Fully aware that teachers/ Educators are doing similar work bringing this outside world of artists and professionals within the arts industry into their classrooms/ learning environments. 

However what excites me is the opportunity that students have from we educators introducing this 'Lexicon' of the learning in the future to them now in High School/ Secondary School/ Ecole / Lycée. How are the youth engaging with this Lexicon, are they using them to learn beyond the base camp/classroom or does the engagement stop off the campus?

In my classroom based enquiry I am asking the question of my self and my practice "Can online sites, apps and networks improve the learning of all abilities within my Photography group (aged 14-16) in and out of the classroom?"

Currently I have introduced the Pinterest site/app as a form of sharing of photos, researching others art work and learning new camera/ photoshop technique. I believe each student should move to a Twitter account and by the end of their two year course have a world class Adobe Behance Portfolio began.

So colleagues of the world what sites do you use with your students/youths to engage them in learning in and out of the classroom?

What other Adobe Products, Moodles are their that might improve the learning of students in my world?

I look forward to hearing from you

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Posted on 1/27/15 5:20:51 PM Permalink

I consider sharing what you see a powerful tool in education. After introducing any subject, students go on with their lives and take pictures that relate to the topic. During class students meet in small groups and share their pictures (could use Instagram); they have to select the one that represent the main idea of the discussion. Students are allow to be creative with their presentation (could create a collage), the time is limited, everyone in the group have to participate telling the rest of the class why their choice is the best.

Dominic McCall

Posted on 2/9/15 10:52:37 PM Permalink

Cheers for these points I will add these to my process. Students like Instagram network managers don't so its banned in my institutes network.

Gary Poulton

Posted on 2/10/15 3:48:04 AM Permalink

Edmodo or any other LMS could also be useful in this context. :)

Dominic McCall

Posted on 12/19/14 10:14:48 PM Permalink

Thanks Jessica & Gary you have given me some more leads to developing my practice, have a great Christmas & New Year!

Gary Poulton

Posted on 12/19/14 10:41:39 AM Permalink

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 12/18/14 12:32:10 AM Permalink

Even though it is blocked through the DEC, I like to use to have students create online portfolios of their work. I also use Pinterest with the students for inspiration and sometimes Instagram.

Gary Poulton

Posted on 12/19/14 9:16:44 AM Permalink

Have you looked at Mahara or Acrobat Pro E-Portfolios?

Dominic McCall

Posted on 1/4/15 3:50:40 PM Permalink


Just created, well started to edit a webpage in, students will like this on my return to work tomorrow will look at our colleges firewall to see if students can create their own in college- or as a task for home.

Amir George

Posted on 12/11/14 10:16:24 PM Permalink

I do think that online sites can approve the ability of learning. For the photography group I would suggest a class instagram. It can be used for the group to also see other forms of photography.

Dominic McCall

Posted on 12/21/14 10:46:43 PM Permalink

thanks Amir!

Dominic McCall

Posted on 12/8/14 2:06:16 PM Permalink

Thanks Gary

Appreciate your thoughts, anyone else welcome to throw in their thoughts

Gary Poulton

Posted on 12/4/14 3:20:15 AM Permalink

This could be good. I'm surprised that no one is on board with this discussion yet. Early days perhaps.

Will post some thoughts as soon as time becomes available. Interested to see where this goes.