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School Magazine for Arts

I'm starting a school magazine for Arts subjects. I teach English, Media and Art and my school has Arts status. In the current climate of Gove educational reforms, that leaves the school in a precarious position and I'd like to ensure the lower school students see Arts subjects as a viable academic option. Is there anyone working on something similar? I'd like the magazine to be student led and student centred, but I'm having teething issues with getting the students interested.

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Amanda Jusino

Posted on 4/9/14 12:30:17 AM Permalink

In the institution that I teach, I'm the one that have in charge the Institution's Magazine. Because I'm working it alone, and it is a lot of work, I decided to create an Student's Committee. Some students will be in charge to look for articles and information regarding to the magazines theme, others have to take pictures, others have to design the magazine, etc. I think that this will get them interested, because the magazine now is something that they create by they own.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 3/5/14 8:51:11 AM Permalink

Hi Oran

I did something similar to this when I started teaching at our academy. We used it as an extension programme, that allowed students of all ages to submerse themselves into an editorial environment. We had 2 2hr sessions a week whereby different students were given certain responsibilities for editorial areas of the academy magazine.

We used my media classroom for this, and decorated the area with headings that related to different editorial areas, for example, News Desk, Picture Desk Features Desk etc. Each desk had its own editor who was responsible for stories and images that would come in. We had an all-age group of students, this meant that we could have sixth formers as the editors, and younger students carrying out the photo-journalistic aspects of copy and image creation.

We felt that giving students various responsibilities, allowed them to take control and produce quality stories and images. We really did have a newspaper style environment in the classroom, and this also added to the sense of realism. Our academy still produces a news sheet now, and this is produced by students, although not on the same scale as we used to do.

I hope this helps a little, let me know.


Oran Blackwood

Posted on 3/5/14 10:27:22 AM Permalink

Thanks Tony,

You've actually given me some ideas to follow up on. I like the different editorial areas idea and since we are divided between Art, Design and Media I think this is were I'll start first. It is more of a showcase magazine, but with your ideas I'd like to expand on the scope if we are asked to develop the idea. We are meeting regularly on this project, so I might delegate a bit more and allow students to take more ownership.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 3/5/14 10:49:16 AM Permalink

You welcome, give me a shout if you need any further assistance on this or any other matter Oran.