Bonnie Taylor

Flash assessments

Does any one have samples of assessments for Flash?  I am looking for a multiple choice more then a practical assessment to test working knowledge of the program and its functions.

  • Animate

    Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.

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Bonnie Taylor

Posted on 5/21/16 1:32:01 PM Permalink

If Adobe is no longer supporting Flash what is the new program that they suggest to replace it?

Jaroslav Verlík

Posted on 9/13/14 10:30:28 PM Permalink

Hi Kim, you can use Adobe Flash CS6 as a part of eLearning Suite 6. This version of Flash contains extension called Flash Learning Interactions. They are several pre-built quiz and assessment objects you can easy drag to scene from panel and use in projects Flash - SCORM tracking supported.

Second, you can use Adobe Captivate software to create rich interactive elearning materials contains presentations, simulations, video demos, quizzes etc. - all exportable as a SWF or HTML5 or MP4 or mobile app. Without programming skills -:)

Sory for my language, I am not native English speaker -:)


Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/15/14 10:52:57 PM Permalink

This is a older post and just wanted to know what you are now using.

Kim Britton

Posted on 6/3/14 12:49:12 AM Permalink

I only do a little Flash in class but most of my assessments are based on basic vocabulary (keyframe, blank keyframe, timeline, etc.) and knowing the workspace. But I also do several project assessments. At the end I give them four themes and they have to create a three minute animation based on that theme. It has to have a logical story and incorporate animation effects we have learned in class.