Nick Robertson

Adobe on Tablets

Schools are turning to tablets more and more. I use Adobe on a laptop and desktop environment and find the mouse and keyboard quite essential. I'm not a huge tablet user so I was wondering what people feel about Abobe software on a tablet?

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Mark Finlayson

Posted on 3/3/14 9:49:00 AM Permalink

No a fan of tablets relaxing a desktop/laptop computer in this area. With iPads the lack of a fine stylus is an issue..I've played with Photoshop Touch and other Adobe tablet products, and they are really a support to the desktop version. We have recently reviewed our options in this area, and were adamant that a tablet does not measure up. We had been on a 1-1 laptop rollout with Lenovo PC's, but due mainly to weight and battery life issues have begun the with to Macbook Airs. The Adobe Master Collection was a big part of our decision to stay away from tablets (apart from the fact we reckon non would survive two hours with a bunch of Yr 9 boys) and stay with the desktop/laptop option

Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 2/14/14 11:56:34 AM Permalink

Recently i am using adobe products on Tablet PC, i think it is the good way if you are intending to draw and paint you will have the direct touch of surface "same as drawing on paper". but i think Adobe still developing interface for touch screen system and gestures interaction it will be much fun for artist.

Jered Martinez

Posted on 11/10/13 2:13:49 AM Permalink

The iPad Adobe apps definitely help streamline projects with cloud sync. Not only are the mouse/keyboard essential for control adobe but quick command keys are essential for a speedy project. Besides from peripherals, processing is a big issue for me and my students, most notably when rendering projects out of After Effects.

Ramapriya Rajagopalan

Posted on 10/31/13 1:33:16 PM Permalink

This is exactly what I was thinking too and would love have that flexibility

Rajesh Krishnan

Posted on 10/27/13 9:40:23 AM Permalink

I once came across a saying in photography 'What is the best configuration of a camera for capturing a beautiful moment. the answer was: Whatever camera is available at that time.' A tablet, phablet or a netbook can replace the processes of reviewing the completed project or work-in-progress or for preparation in a presentation pitch. For starting a decent sized project from scratch, one would still need the desktop with access to server and inspiration materials. Any serious work requires a professional environment. Assuming that, handheld devices might eventually become equivalent to the preferred graphic designers' system needs and unlimited bandwidth, I am still not convinced about sitting at a stretch for an hour in a cafe or tube and actually bring out class work.

Joan Maresh Hansen

Posted on 10/19/13 11:46:38 AM Permalink

Thank goodness Adobe products are now being upgraded across our school district. Soon my new desk IMAC and Macbook will have these and my new IPAD...looking forward to having and training on them. Thanks Andrew, Ng and Aaron for your insights. Just wrote grant for Creatives Get their Heads into the Cloud cool to win and have access to all Adobe products anytime, anywhere! Guess that is the power being experienced in your classes with the products on the mobile devices.


Posted on 10/7/13 5:51:39 PM Permalink


I would tend to agree with Aaron's comments. The tablet is becoming an adjunct to the Laptop or Desktop rather than a direct replacement. I've used some of the Adobe apps, and other apps for creative production, but largely the students at our school seek out their laptops first, and students with tablets almost always have a laptop as well.



ng sw

Posted on 10/7/13 9:33:55 AM Permalink

Tablet is well much more convenient and widely used these days. For certain people that is. With just a touch, you will be able to use an app or access the internet. It is easier to bring around. There is no need to use a mouse. Everything with just a touch of a screen. I am not promoting the tablet. Just stating the certain features it has. It may not be good for everything to be in touch screen. But, it is the latest in technology.

There is a research on gesture commands. In a few years, we will be moving things which by just a swipe of the hand in the air without touching anything. Like the movie Iron man. Then, someone will say, I prefer to touch a screen. Maybe in the future, certain components of a PC will be rendered obsolete. Everything is by motion gesture.

What kind of world will it be like? What do you think?

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 10/4/13 5:48:38 PM Permalink

I teach Adobe products with desktop computers in my classroom. I also use some of the Adobe touch apps while on the go. So, I don't think the touch workflow necessarily replaces the traditional desktop or laptop experience, but touch does provide a lot of additional benefits.

Adobe Photoshop Touch is a bit limited if you're looking for the full workhorse of Photoshop. Yet again, it's quite amazingly powerful. Making selections by scrubbing over with your finger is actually quite the little tablet joy.

Adobe Ideas is probably my favorite mobile Adobe app. Everything you draw on there is fully vector - so CC members can access the Ideas files and refine their work in Illustrator. Fun workflow really.

I know I read a while back that Acrobat XI was designed to be touch friendly - but I have not yet used it or seen it on a tablet?

Nonetheless, the bottom line is that touch-friendly apps allow one to be creative anywhere, anytime. Totally compliments what you have likely been doing for years without necessarily replacing or obsoleting your knowledge and skills.

Nick Robertson

Posted on 10/8/13 4:58:59 AM Permalink

Thanks Aaron great comment. I really like adobe software and have noticed the strong influence touch screen technology is having in the market place and in schools. So its reassuring to hear how adobe is adding to this market and is still going forward.