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Sharing SLATE's on EDEX

First a Woo Hoo! Over 9000 Edex Views and, as a result, 1200 uses of my Creative Commons 'Slate' resource - thank you!

But let me share some thoughts based on this experience:

This was my first 'Slate'. I created it because I needed an interesting way of introducing what many see as a bit of a dull topic. I already had the materials. It took me about an hour to create the resource. The workshop I designed it for went well and the reaction to my single PowerPoint slide giving a shortened address (so anyone with a tablet, phone or laptop could access and engage) really turned things around. Participants engaged and became an active part of the session

The reaction to the Slate - where I have demonstrated it as a tool outside these sessions - has been a real a real eye opener for colleagues. One, a die hard, 'anti Apple-er' bought an iPad on the strength of seeing this app.. Which brings me to my next point. The sooner we can multi-platform this for creators, Adobe, the better! Also tying it into the cloud. Great! But some do feel this locks up stuff into a proprietary system. Like Voice - which you can export a video - I am hoping Slate (which I am guessing is an HTML / CSS website page) will become exportable too? In a University environment like mine that would really add to the credibility of Slate as a tool we can mainstream use.

In terms of Edex. What a confidence booster!!! To see people using the thing makes it really worth while. And the feedback has enabled me to improve the resource too... So if you are thinking 'should I / shouldn't I' just do it. I dithered about mounting this thing and I am so glad I did.

On the Edex Resource Page itself. There have been comments on 'where is it?'. Slate resources are web based and accessed through a browser. So on Edex there is a link. Check out the comments Adobe. People are not seeing that as the thing to use. Maybe need to give the interface a little thought - especially in relation to these new cloud resources coming out of the new mobile apps?

So there you go! Thank you! and any comments welcome!


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James Adkins

Posted on 7/31/15 7:00:25 AM Permalink

I have experienced the same issue everywhere I go. Every session/training I have delivered, people are captivated by Slate, but much like you stated, people are wanting to export them to Muse for use.

For student use, a web based access to create/edit Voice and Slate projects would be a game changer. Talk about taking a already revolutionary set of tools and expanding their usability and applications for student learning.

And btw, you're resource is priceless and I have used it several times.

- James.