Talent Vs. Creativity

for me it is easy to figure talented student; the way they are tending to sketch or design they are exposed, but for creativity is really hard to determined or measured, do you have any idea or clue?

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Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 5/13/16 11:35:35 PM Permalink

Brian Dawson

Posted on 4/9/14 12:28:18 PM Permalink

By giving a simple project requiring the application of specific skills, students will show their understanding of the concepts in their own way. Creativity begins to bloom once the basic skills are mastered and they try to do things "outside the box". The most creativity comes when they are encouraged to "fly" using the skills you are teaching, once they are comfortable using said skills. As a core subject (science) teacher, my goal in using animation (Flash, Edge, Premier Pro) with middle school kids, is to give them tools to show they understand the science concept being taught. How they choose to show that understanding is where the creativity shows up. As an example, in teaching kinetic and potential energy, once the basic skills of morphing and moving are taught, students show their understanding of energy in as many ways as there are students in the class room. Most trying to animate something they experience in their own life. Hope this helps!

Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 4/9/14 7:07:33 PM Permalink

Brian Dawson Said "How they choose to show that understanding is where the creativity shows up"
thanx Brian for your message, you inspired me with the technique you fellow in your class. i believe you can cultivate the culture of creativity in your class. but i assume before Picasso drew his cubic technique people consider portress is creative !!!!! this is the point

Adobe Education

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Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 2/13/14 5:52:27 AM Permalink

thank you for the links, it is helpful

Alan Rossi

Posted on 2/11/14 12:51:08 AM Permalink

There are books that 'teach creativity' but good ones are hard to come by. I used to teach drawing for years out of the Betty Edwards 'Drawing on the right side of the brain' book, and can testify to the exercises in the text as effective ways to teach students not only how to be more creative, but how to properly 'see' what is in front of them and record it in a sketch. There are other books that have exercises that help train one use their creative skills, but can't recall the exact titles. They are often written by those who have done psychological research on how we use and develop our creative abilities. I used to believe in 'talent' but after years of teaching 'talentless' individuals how to draw using the 'Right Side' approach I think that talent just becomes visible when the person spends a great deal of time doing their craft; like painting, sculpture or architectural drawing. They may 'pick things up' faster than others, but they spend many hours working on it, due to their strong interest in the crafts and passion.

Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 2/13/14 6:25:16 AM Permalink

i agree with you about talent people; they are able to realize aspects fast and handle the your tasks in a clear cognition.

But ! for the grading process you go for outcome evaluation and you need a quantifiable criteria, creativity got the big part of evaluation even if you are grading a simple logo.

i am trying to evaluate based on growth thinking technique, students start from unique point and develop a creative concept maps for the requirements till you got 100% of all properties assumptions in one design. evaluation will be based on how much my student reaches the perfection.

for me: i am satisfied, just wanted to know if there is a better one out there ?!!!