Denise Perryman

Wacom Storage

I have been privileged to acquire drawing tablets for my classroom. They are wonderful but I am not sure of a great way to store them. In searching on-line there are many media storage cabinets out there. Does someone have a great and innovative idea about this?


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Jonathan Hicks

Posted on 3/4/16 2:28:11 PM Permalink

We use hanging file folders in a file cabinet. I have a tab with the tablet number I've assigned it.

Oddly enough I have to teach students how to put the tablet in the correct folder and not between them or in the one behind it.

marco lucadano

Posted on 2/14/14 3:04:19 AM Permalink

Hi Denise. Did you find a solution? I have been having my students store the12 Intuous 4s for our high school graphic design class in their original box for three years. It is a bit of a pain, but I haven't had any broken or misplaced tablets!


chuck laiti

Posted on 6/7/13 7:55:50 PM Permalink

In my lab of 40 workstations I simply have the tablets set in front of each iMac. I did use velcro sticky pads to attach the pens to the side of the iMac when the tablet is not in use. This keeps the stylus from getting banged around. I can supply a photo if you like.


Kim Sandford

Posted on 3/1/13 6:21:10 PM Permalink

I asked the Fashion Design teacher if she could have her students make covers for our tablets. (I think she found a pattern online for an iPad cover and then adjusted the measurements.) The tablets are stored in a plastic tub, but they do have padded cloth covers with velcro closures on them to try to keep them from getting damaged. The only problem is that the cord gets not-so-neatly 'stuffed' down in the cover because our cords are attached as well. But this seems to be working for us for now.

Donis Krohmer

Posted on 2/20/13 5:30:09 PM Permalink

We use the spring loaded pen/pencil holders from the office supply store stuck on the side of the monitor, to hold the pen/stylus when we are using them in class. This allows me to scan the room before dismissal to make sure all the pens are in place. We use plastic coated wire lid organizers (from the kitchen center at Walmart) to hold the tablets upright between computers between classes. During units that the tablets are not in use, they are stored in a large plastic tub with a clamp on lid. They are older tablets so the cord is permanently attached. We use velcro strips to keep the cords organized both on the workstations and in the storage tub. This has worked for us for 10 years.

Jason Rutledge

Posted on 2/20/13 3:14:16 AM Permalink

It's very low tech, but I use a cardboard box that fits the tablets in one direction, not the other. For the pens, I use a stationary set pen holder. All of this gets locked up when they are not being used. As for the cables, I actually have them pull tied to the other computer cables (mouse and keyboard). Any device my students use requires either a mini usb or a micro usb. It's not a pretty solution but it's cost effective.

Dan Armstrong

Posted on 2/19/13 8:48:25 PM Permalink

I have a class set as well. I had the same issue! I solved it. I simply leave the touch pads connected to the computer and I have a storage rack build by my "Shop" teacher down the hall. It's working great. I talked with Wacom Directly and they do not have a solution nor do they know of one.

Posted on 2/19/13 3:03:53 PM Permalink

Tablet wall with a very secure lock on the door. You would have a living wall that tablets could be pulled down whenever they are needed.