Ariel Taylor
Youth Media Educator

Whats one way you use technology in your classroom to create or support other teachers?

I'm currently a media specialist at a charter school in Philly. I'd like for teachers to use more media in their classrooms and would love to know ways you've used technology.  Lesson ideas would be oh so very helpful!

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Tim Goodworth

Posted on 4/18/17 2:52:46 AM Permalink

​I teach art in a rural high school. While it's not Philly, it's similar to schools everywhere in that there are places and things my students will likely never be able to see / participate with in person. I use virtual field trips to access museums, historical sites, etc. It would be easy to partner these field trips with other specialty areas. For example - you could take a VFT to the Parthenon and coordinate it with a history class on ancient Greece or an architecture class studying Greco-Roman architecture. You could even partner it with an English Lit. class studying Greek Mythology (several temples are included in the VFT site). Many VFTs are free and students can individualize what they see / experience, or it can be more directed. Really flexible and a great asset. Not an Adobe product, per se, but still really applicable to your question, I think.

Neil Emery

Posted on 12/1/15 5:48:12 PM Permalink

We get students creating after school club adverts using Adobe Voice and then sharing around the schools digital signage using TrilbyTV. Can you imagine how powerful the students feel managing the digital signage in their school !

nova rollo

Posted on 11/1/15 12:34:25 AM Permalink

We use Adobe After Effects and Premiere to do promotional advertising on our 'Network TV' to advertise for teachers events and things that the need to get out to the students. In addition to that our students love their phone so we find ways to use them. The can make short films with different phone apps and edit them. Another really cool phone/ipad app to put media in the classroom is Aurasma it brings a trigger object to life. Students can use their phones to make videos, edit them in Premiere/AE and give you a trigger object(photo) that will activate their video.

Jason Webb

Posted on 10/28/15 6:49:45 PM Permalink

Green screening student presentations is a great way for students and teachers to create media. With Adobe Premiere Elements and an iPad/Tablet, you can do some really cool stuff. If you have an iPad, I would also try DoInk Green Screen App and Touchcast.