Joel Aarons
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YouTube vs Vimeo

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask those who favor Vimeo over YouTube - what are the advantages? Why choose Vimeo over YouTube? Personally, I find Vimeo always has buffering lag times, which I never have with YouTube. I don't know if the quality between the two is that noticeable either.

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Ciera Hall

Posted on 1/22/18 1:33:34 PM Permalink

Vimeo has better quality uploads to me. But if it's about the views, Youtube definitely has a larger fan base.

Rose Duggan

Posted on 9/7/16 12:15:14 AM Permalink

Hi Joel,

I prefer vimeo - but youtube loads with no lag. So I tend to load my class tutorials onto youtube and student film samples!



Carlos Andres Orozco Palacio

Posted on 3/28/16 4:21:09 PM Permalink

you have two important differences, youtube is a platform for all the world and the best, Vimeo is a platform for producer or filmmaking, for sharing with other producer or filmmaking (Vimeo si for Creativity People, Designer, Filmmaking, Animators, etc.), films, short, works, demo reels...this is a personal opinion based on i can see on Vimeo and what they offers.

PD: sorry for my poor english writing abilities jejejeje i have little time learn english grammar.

Sue Howlett

Posted on 3/1/16 4:53:43 PM Permalink

I use both, but when working on projects or participating in on line courses, I tend to choose vimeo, it appears that vimio is also aimed at the professional videographer , indeed if you look at some of the work that's presented, some for getting feedback on large projects before the final production,but mostly media production specialists and they do look professional.

With YouTube, its seems that its aimed at hobbyist and none professionals, that's not say professionals don't use it, but there is much more of a mix.

I haven't really experience ant issues with quality, so I think both serve a useful purpose.

Anchor Points

Posted on 12/24/15 2:52:21 AM Permalink

I do like the fact that you can set videos to private easier on Vimeo. I know that you can have unlisted videos on Youtube, but it provides more security on Vimeo so that only selected users can view the videos.

Elias Ortega

Posted on 12/2/15 3:43:31 PM Permalink

I go back and forth between Vimeo and YouTube. I often opt for dowloading the videofile as a preferred way of operationg.


Alan Humbert

Posted on 11/7/15 7:37:57 PM Permalink

I prefer Vimeo for school related videos, because of the lack of advertising, and fewer distractions for students.


Susanne Tamir

Posted on 11/7/15 5:21:42 PM Permalink

I prefer Vimeo because you don't need to add the access to your google account if you want to upload. But when i search for Videos You Tube is my preference because its much easier to search there and get good results. Vimeo is more serious and the Videos there usually have high quality in You Tube you have all. I don t like the possibility in You tube to publish Videos in public that when you click its just for purchase. In Vimeo Videos you need to buy are not under public search or you see before clicking that its not free. Example has great Videos but i don t want to purchase it, more then half links on you tube published in public search are just for buying its frustrating to open an interesting Video and see just a message buy it....Susanne

Joe Young

Posted on 11/4/15 4:38:29 PM Permalink

I noticed with Vimeo that you eventually have to pay for space. I do like not having adds and the ability to download the video in the future.

Sue Howlett

Posted on 3/1/16 4:54:45 PM Permalink

yes paying for space is one thing that puts me off using it for lots of uploading

amy caterina

Posted on 11/4/15 1:18:24 AM Permalink

Any thoughts on closed captioning options?

Thank you!

Sue Howlett

Posted on 3/1/16 4:55:57 PM Permalink

only tried it on YouTube , it does all the encoding for you, don't know about Vimeo

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/3/15 9:00:12 PM Permalink

Hey Joel,

I've always considered Vimeo the Apple Store to YouTube's Walmart. Love one but not so much the other. The funny thing is that after giving both a serious go I've wound up making the latter my new video tutorial home.

The overriding reason? YouTube seems far more efficient for power-users.

I have approximately 4K videos residing on my district-hosted site. When the district finally unblocked YouTube, I made the move and switched from Snapz Pro X (great for the lower frame rate/smaller file size I needed on district servers) to ScreenFlow (fabulous hi-res quality and so easy to upload to either YouTube or Vimeo from within the program).

Since January I've recorded over 450 videos and I can't imagine how I'd organize them as efficiently and easily on Vimeo. I'm still getting the hang of how to best use playlists and expect to make lots of progress through trial and error the rest this year.

Bottom line: I admire Vimeo's elegance and overwhelmingly prefer the site but I went with the best tool for my particular needs. Function triumphs over form despite all the crap YouTube foists on its visitors as the price of admission. Plus, as you've mentioned, YouTube seems to have far fewer buffering incidents.

Ed Bonhaus

Posted on 11/3/15 6:45:56 PM Permalink

I prefer Vimeo. I feel like I have more control over my video and the controls are easier to use. I also agree with Chris that not having the ads in Vimeo is a big plus.

Chris Schnell

Posted on 11/2/15 3:55:51 PM Permalink

Vimeo - as it has No advertising for viewers :-)