erick miseroy
IT Coordinator/ Teacher

Using Adobe curriculum solely for ACA prep in high school

Hi- Im in the middle of developing a couple adobe based courses that will end with students taking (passing) the ACA. Anyone use just the available curriculum for this purpose?  What problems did you have or not have??

Thanks in advance for the time and knowledge. 

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Rob Schwartz

Posted on 3/8/17 1:51:49 AM Permalink

Donna Dolan

Posted on 5/7/15 12:49:32 AM Permalink

I do not soley use the Adobe Curriculum to prepare my students for the ACA exam. I mix it up with text books ,online tutorials and Adobe TV. The Adobe curriculum is a great guide. I was also introduced toAdobe Digital Careers Teaching Resources. Adobe Digital Careers , a very useful tool. Good luck.