Dhanaraj Keezhara
HOD Art and Visual media, AYV Lead Educator

how do I delete an assignment ?

how do I delete an assignment ?

I misplaced my assignment . How can I delete that one and upload original assignment. Please help me! 

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stev lee

Posted on 3/13/16 5:20:34 PM Permalink


bilal elbouardi

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Suzanne Schenkel

Posted on 3/13/16 12:34:37 AM Permalink

. . . also . . . Is it possible to EDIT a comment? I have tried that a couple of times and it didn't work . . . despite my typing new info and hitting SAVE. Nothing changed in the original entry . . .

P.S. I just notice . . . just now . . . my comment below has been listed and is now registered under my resources as 1 comment . . . now sure why . . . unless other comments on assignments, etc., do not register . . . ???

Adobe Education

Posted on 3/15/16 5:41:52 PM Permalink

Hi Suzanne,

To try and answer your questions - comments in the courses vs comments on the general Adobe Education Exchange (AEE) work a little differently. You can edit and delete comments (like this one that is in the general AEE), but not for courses. Since commenting is a requirement for the course we need to track them and deleting or editing them makes that tricky so that feature is disabled in the courses.

Additionally comments and resources you post in the course are not shown in your public profile since courses are only available to enrolled members and we don't want links take those not enrolled to links that won't work for them. Therefore, only comments, resources, and discussions you create on the general AEE are shown in your public profile. However you are collecting points and badge for your course participation.

I hope this helps you understand how it works. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

The AEE Team

Suzanne Schenkel

Posted on 3/13/16 12:29:09 AM Permalink

Likewise . . . how do I delete a comment that I have made. Actually, a couple of times I have tried to make a comment. It did not go through . . . so, now I have several empty comments listed. Looks dumb, hah. Just trying to learn how to remove those. I followed the advice above regarding -- deleting an assignment and saw all 0 0 0 's as to my resources . . . with nothing listed as to my comments or my 2 submitted assignments or anything else . . . so, a bit puzzled. Thanks!

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/20/15 3:54:34 PM Permalink

HI Dhanaraj,

I'm not sure what you mean by misplaced the assignment, but to delete under "My Exchange" click on "Resources". This will be a list of all of the resources you've created. Locate the assignment you want to delete, click on it, and in the top left corner should be an option to delete.

The AEE Team

Dhanaraj Keezhara

Posted on 7/23/15 7:44:40 AM Permalink

Thank you for your help and support.