Bonnie Barrett

Creative Cloud Site Licenses

Our College IT Dept. has told us that Adobe quoted them $200 per workstation per year for Creative Cloud. This is far beyond our means. I would appreciate any information about how other schools are handling this. 

For several reasons, it will not be possible for us to require CC membership of our students. 

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John Christopher

Posted on 10/4/13 5:30:02 PM Permalink

I don't work on a college campus, but in our K-12 district (10 elem. 2 MS, 1 HS, 1 alternative HS) we purchased a district license for Adobe CS6. Maybe the stand-alone products would be more beneficial than Creative Cloud at this point.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 7/16/13 11:47:48 PM Permalink

For many years I purchased the software myself and struggled to learn the software. It seemed that the administrators who controlled the money had all the resources, but I found them unwilling to share the resources. Adobe software is the powerful tools for the powerful people in the system. The home school students and home schools teachers need education discounts.

Andy Zavodny

Posted on 7/2/13 3:57:25 PM Permalink

I have always wondered how to afford Adobe software myself. Especially Adobe Software even at a very discounted price to provide my students with the most current up to date relevant software. We can use Adobe's Software but we have to settle for all the old licenses that the larger schools in our school district throw away. When they upgrade we get the old stuff. It is better than nothing but our kids are now using CS5 (which isn't old or totally outdated) but not current and the gap just gets larger. I am open to ideas and suggestions of what other people do to over come this problem. It seems as a teacher my job is as much of a fundraiser as it is teaching which I feel like is not as productive as it could be and I don't like running around asking people for money just because we are a public school and don't have enough money to support the education we want to provide for our kids.