Larissa Warren
Art & Photography Teacher

Manipulating digital 3D scans in Photoshop 3D

I am a Art and Media teacher. I would like to 3D scan an object and set my class the challenge of manipulating that object (function, form, scale etc) using Photoshop 3D and we will then 3D print the new object.

I have only used the 3D extruding function of Photoshop 3D- simple 2D drawing- extruded to 3D.

Can Photoshop 3D work with 3D scans? Is this the best software to use? And can anyone recommend any tutorials or resources where someone has worked in this area?

Thank you, I look forward to posting images of finished products if I can get this up and running.

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Christopher Rotter

Posted on 11/21/16 2:49:56 PM Permalink

​You'll be able to change the scale or rotation of the 3D object within Photoshop, not the form. You'd need a 3D package for that, for which I would recommend something like blender or Daz3D Studio which may be easier on your students. The 3D extrusion feature in Photoshop will take objects created in Photoshop and extrude, nothing which you have scanned.

I've worked extensively and still am with 3D in Photoshop and abroad. Fact you have access to a 3D printer many things that I'd like to print but no 3D printer and or the cost.

Christopher Rotter

Posted on 11/20/16 6:27:41 PM Permalink

​Hi, Photoshop can work with 3D Scans. Do you have the 3D Scan as a 3D object ?

Larissa Warren

Posted on 11/20/16 11:37:52 PM Permalink

Hi Christopher, after some failure using a few different 3D scanners, we are still looking for a decent one. Can you make any suggestions. I am also looking at using the ipad Pro as a scanner. There are some applications were you can do this- but I need to research more. Do you have much experience in manipulating 3D scans? Larissa