Jeff Larson
Animation Instructor and District Pathway Coordinator

Crossover between Adobe Education and Adobe Youth Voices Essentials

As part of some summer work I'm doing, I am looking at the Adobe Education Exchange and the Adobe Youth Voices Essentials sites. I am looking at points of intersection, overlap, and application mostly for the secondary education level, but definitely how it also connects to advanced level skills and work. What I'm wondering, if you have a moment, and any thoughts, is how many of you use both and/or are familiar with AYV curriculum. I know many of you have expressed interest in AYV, but because of grant conditions, are unable to participate in AYV proper (but now Aspire is open to all), but do you make use of any of the curriculum? If so, what do you use and why? And if not, perhaps thoughts on why you haven't?  If you haven't looked at Essentials in awhile you might go back and revisit, because as of last summer all the curriculum is available to anyone who has signed up on the site. As a member of Adobe Ed Exchange, what keeps you coming back to the site? What does it offer you that you can't find elsewhere? Are there things you would like to see more of on either site? As an educator I find both sites to be extremely valuable for different aspects of teaching digital media and career technical education, and am hoping to hear your thoughts? 

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Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 6/20/13 10:01:06 PM Permalink

I have seen the curriculum videos, and really like them. I have not seen the full curriculum, partly because we have a national curriculum we need to adhere to in Sweden. I have been subscribing to the AYV for years, and would love to be more involved.

They videos (both training and also students works) are great resources for k-12 and any extracurricular courses and/or community media resource centre. Unfortunately I've been a bit overwhelmed, with many changes and you ask many good questions.