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publishing a literary/art book

Hi all,

We will be self publishing this years literary/art magazine.  Going full color for sure. In the past the school has used an actual publisher and it has been a very heavy thick black and white volume on fancy textured paper. I know this year's version will be and feel very different, with full color, different paper, totally different design feel as well (moving away quickly from the 70's/80's very quiet dated standard that has not changed one bit for over 30 years.) I don't want to completely freak everyone out, and will not go totally crazy and contemporary with the design...well still contemporary, but nothing too overloaded and in your face...not too much;-).

I have absolutely no records form the previous long time teacher, so don't even know how many to order, how many sold in previous years and for how much, how much she paid the publisher, etc...

Trying to decide between Blurb and Lulu (maybe there are others I should consider?)

Does anyone have experience with this that could give recommendations or advice on the following topics:

  • paper type (would like to stay as matte and heavy as possible while still producing in full color)
  • Blurb or Lulu...or others?
  • how many to order?
  • size ideas/experience? (the previous books were 8.5X11...neither blurb nor Lulu offer this)
  • anything else i should be consider?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and info!


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Oran Blackwood

Posted on 3/5/14 8:37:04 AM Permalink

I haven't used Lulu, but I will check it out, but Blurb quality is very good. It also offers InDesign integration so if you are familiar with that it is fairly easy to use. You have a choice of finishes, but even at the cheaper end they haven't been too bad. I can vouch for the Proline Pearl paper though. You are a little restricted with sizes, but standard portrait worked for me.

My photography students use Blurb for their end of year projects and they have found it easy to use and they have never complained about the quality of the books.