How to best turn in Dreamweaver documents to grade?

I've never actually used Dreamweaver myself, but need to help a substitute with having students turn in Dreamweaver assignments. Students have already submitted their html files, but all images aren't loading. What is the best way to view their files? We are uploading the completed documents into Canvas.

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Jessica Campbell

Posted on 12/30/16 3:12:08 PM Permalink

I teach web design and use Canvas to submit 100% of our projects. I have a remote server through Bluehost that my students upload their web files to, and then they simply submit the url of their projects in Canvas. They love this because their projects are actually live and they can pull them up in a browser at home, which makes them feel Extremely Important and Official.

But if you don't have a server, the best way would be to have them submit a .zip file of their projects. It's 100% essential that all the images used in the .html files are in the same folder, and that all the image tags are correctly linked to those locations before zipping the folder up. If you've never used Dreamweaver, I'm not sure how to explain this - have your students set up their Sites using the Files panel in DW? If so, Dreamweaver hopefully was able to manage keeping all their image files within that designated site folder. So then all they would need to do is zip the folder and submit the .zip file to Canvas. I can explain this further for you if you want - let me know.

Once the .zip files are in Canvas, the sub can go to the Gradebook and click on the dropdown arrow beside the assignment, and choose Download Submissions. All the student .zip files will download into one folder for much quicker grading.​