Amin Agrebi
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Information about certification

I complete this course AdobeGenPro, can I receive the certificate and print it ?.

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Ai Choo Ashe

Posted on 1/16/15 2:11:11 AM Permalink

Hi, I am enrolled in the Adobe GenPro Digital Creativity; but I thought I've participated in this course before. I've finished at least 2 courses with Adobe but didn't see them when I went to Courses. Can you please tell me if I have completed this course in the past; or finished parts of it? The material were very similar. Thank you.

Agrebi Amin

Posted on 1/16/15 2:22:22 PM Permalink

Dear Ai Choo Ashe ,

I did not submit a final assignment to complete the courset and I didn't get certificate

Melissa Jones

Posted on 1/15/15 12:42:01 AM Permalink

Hi Agrebi,

Your certificate is in your Learning tab on EdEx. Go to your profile, click on "Learning" and then "Courses." If you passed the course, your certificate will be there for download. If it is not, email and we will help you.