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Describe your experience of using Adobe Voice to share a story. What did you like? What was challenging? How might you use Adobe Voice as a storytelling tool in your practice?  

Note: Adobe Voice is now part of the Adobe Spark family and has been renamed to Adobe Spark Video, along with Adobe Spark Post (formerly Adobe Post) and Adobe Spark Page (formerly Adobe Slate). To discuss Adobe Spark and share how you have used it, check out the Have you tried Adobe Spark? discussion

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Adobe Education

Posted on 5/19/16 2:25:44 PM Permalink

Exciting news! Adobe Voice is now part of the Adobe Spark family and has been renamed to Adobe Spark Video, along with Adobe Spark Post (formerly Adobe Post) and Adobe Spark Page (formerly Adobe Slate). To discuss Adobe Spark and share how you have used it, check out the Have you tried Adobe Spark? discussion. This discussion is now closed for new comments. Thanks!

janice kelley

Posted on 4/27/16 4:50:56 AM Permalink

easy. easy. how do can I create the file as an MP4? or does the file forever stay a link to the internet where itwas created?

Heidi Liu

Posted on 3/25/16 10:00:58 PM Permalink

Very easy to use, great start for reluctant writers. Hearing our own voice allows us to be mindful of diction, enunciation, pausing, etc. Fantastic tool. Our school does not support student email, so posting/sharing projects is not possible -yet.

Tami Stewart

Posted on 3/8/16 2:08:49 PM Permalink

I LOVE Adobe Voice (and Slate) but we are no longer able to download the app because of its 12+ age rating!!! I would love to see an edu version that does not have searching photos or edu appropriate content.

Kelli Long

Posted on 3/1/16 9:18:19 PM Permalink

I enjoyed how easy it was to create my first Adobe Voice. It is very fun to hear how your voice is altered depending on what theme you choose! I had a teacher who wanted her students to create timelines. I instantly thought how fun it would be to create a timeline using Adobe Voice. This makes it a very kinesthetic experience for the students because it makes them engage with the text in a different way other than drag and drop and/or copy and pasting! Very engaging app!


Posted on 8/30/15 11:39:14 PM Permalink

Another brilliant app from Adobe. Love this app, but would have been better if it were accessible across other platforms. I see so much of potential for this app in a school environment, but sadly most of our students use either Windows or Android devices. App is really intuitive and easy to use for short presentations.

Dhanaraj Keezhara

Posted on 8/29/15 4:08:22 AM Permalink

very easy.

daniel Mullings

Posted on 8/12/15 6:39:07 PM Permalink

I really enjoy using Adobe voice its so user friendly that and I strongly believe that due to the length of the audio clips anyone could use it, even those that are scared of tech.

emily panter

Posted on 7/5/15 9:55:54 PM Permalink

I really enjoy Adobe voice. I have found many opportunities to use it and it really facilitates making announcements, assignments and things like that more catching and easier to remember.

Rebecca Root

Posted on 6/3/15 11:09:15 PM Permalink

Adobe Voice is great for quick and effective small presentations. I had my 4th and 5th grade students use it to make project proposals for their "genius hour" independent research. My purpose was that they were clear on their project's goals. I knew a software tool would help entice them to be take that planning step seriously, but I didn't want them to spend forever on choosing just the right template, font, etc. Voice has enough tools to make the process interesting and individual, but puts the focus on telling your story. All of the kids got their proposal videos done in just a day or so (sharing iPads) and once I taught a few, the rest either learned on their own or from a peer. It was probably the easiest software introduction I've ever done. We shared the videos with a school in London to get feedback, and they enjoyed the videos, too!

Here's an example of one of the project videos:

I'm really looking forward to using this for back-to-school projects and to support my ELD students in their spoken language development.

Leigh Howser

Posted on 5/9/15 2:10:30 AM Permalink

Adobe Voice is awesome. It is easy to use and creates beautiful stories. I have been using it with students from P to year 11 at our school. They all loved it and created some amazing stories.

Tyesha Moore

Posted on 6/25/15 2:46:38 AM Permalink

I agree it is very easy to use. My second grade students quickly were able to teach each other how to create presentations. I introduced Adobe Voice while we were studying landforms and regions. The students researched a region and shared their findings. I loved how it allowed them to demonstrate their understanding in their own words. They were able to add related images by searching or using pictures they saved. The built in transitions and background music gave their final products a very polished touch.

Debbie Supplitt

Posted on 4/11/15 2:14:17 AM Permalink

Adobe Voice is tons of fun to use. Plus it's so simple. My students are using Voice to create their artist statements for their digital visual art portfolio. Students select and download from ARTSONIA 6 of their created images to use with voice. They are to discuss the piece of art, The tile, how they created it, medium used, what they like about the piece, if they were to do over again what they would do different and finally their overall opinion about the project.

Tons of fun to share as the Voice artist statements as a class.

Karen Golle

Posted on 2/28/15 3:46:57 PM Permalink

To create a simple story is so easy. :-)

Iris Joyner

Posted on 2/23/15 6:52:09 AM Permalink

I really was surprised at how easy the Adobe Voice was to use. It was really fun to produce this project on my ipad. I enjoyed the process. I did hav difficulty uploading the project, but even that was a learning experience.

I could see Adobe Voice as an excellent tool for my students to use in their classrooms. Even their students can create and learn important elements in the Core Subjects- English, Mathematics, Science, and History, as well as, Art & Music. Adobe Voice, I'm excited about the possibilities! Very COOOOOL !

Derek Hyland

Posted on 2/14/15 4:25:44 AM Permalink

I just tried out Voice for the Adobe Gen Pro course on creativity. It's simple and powerful. It forces people to be concise, and to use imagery, rather than text to tell a story, in a way that is WAY easier than full on video production. I plan on using it with some of my struggling students to create persuasive visual essays rather than traditional print.

Michael Roland

Posted on 2/11/15 8:18:42 PM Permalink

wow! Very Simple, yet powerful tool to grab attention and to highlight a program or study! I can't wait to see where this takes me.

David Conover

Posted on 2/10/15 3:07:53 AM Permalink

I thought it was a very powerful yet simple tool to use. I like the fact that it let you know to keep your comments short and brief. The variety of icons is a great way to add visualization to your story. Additionally, I enjoyed the variety of subject or formats to choose from. It really helped tied together the process of creating a short narrative with options to further customize. This will be a great tool to keep an eye on as it further develops. I can see this tool being a part of a daily ritual for journaling or otherwise.

Aurora Ramos

Posted on 2/8/15 4:51:05 AM Permalink

I have already used Adobe Voice twice. This app has to be the easiest I have ever used. It is wonderful, simple, accessible and innovative. I can see using this in the classroom for special needs students to help them express their thoughts quickly and easily. I will use this in my classroom.

Ivette Torres

Posted on 1/23/15 11:27:16 PM Permalink

Excellent tool to create short videos for courses. I'm going to integrate it in my online classes as an assessment tool.

Check out the video I made:

Aurora Ramos

Posted on 2/8/15 4:52:49 AM Permalink

You are so right!! I did not think to use it for assessment.

David Conover

Posted on 2/10/15 3:08:23 AM Permalink

Good idea as an application.

Vickey Bolling-Witt

Posted on 1/20/15 12:31:05 PM Permalink

The learning curve in using Adobe voice is short and sweet. I love that part, and can see how it can be used within the classroom – especially with middle and high schoolers. I loved the feature that it sets you up to have a beginning middle and end to your story. That is it is easy to use and allows you to work in sections at a time in order to make corrections as you go. to be honest, right now I don't see any challenges. May be, if this is in a classroom all the noise around you what you were trying to do your own work could be problematic. I teach at a college, and could see doing this as a homework assignment for the students that have iPads, as a way to do visual storytelling. Or to present themselves in their portfolio work at portfolio show. I also see it as an opportunity to post something sweet and simple on their websites to introduce themselves.

Los Lunas High School

Posted on 1/20/15 7:12:56 AM Permalink

I was introduced to Voice through the Digital Creativity course. I was rather skeptical of how easy it seemed at first because most of the Adobe applications I have used have a rather serious learning curve. I was directed to this workshop if I wanted to learn more, so I came before I started my assignment for the other class. I am certainly glad I did! This workshop made it very easy for me to do what I needed to do! And Voice is, really, very easy to use. It took me less than 10 minutes to create my first story. Now I plan to use it with my students at the beginning of the year as a way of jump starting their creative juices and introducing themselves to their class mates and to me.

Sherie Anderson

Posted on 1/19/15 12:04:51 AM Permalink

I used Animoto because Voice was only available on an iPad, and I don't own one. I did enjoy playing with new software and creating my short video.

Please view it on my Behance portfolio : "Learning Animoto"

Myron Pulier

Posted on 1/19/15 2:37:29 AM Permalink

Beautiful video, Sherie (Cox?). You actually revealed quite a lot in it, but I can't believe that your "theme" is really "secret" like you claim. I'm hooked. I've got to get to sleep right now (getting up at 5 to catch a flight to West Palm Beach), but I'm going to check out your website soon as I can and see what your supposed secret really is. You got me.

Eileen MacAvery

Posted on 1/18/15 7:24:48 PM Permalink

Voice was fun and super simple. I can see using it as a teaching tool. The only drawback I see is that it I'm only able to use it on my iPad and then need to email the link to myself - I wish I could access it on my laptop directly.

Here's my brief bio:

Eileen MacAvery

Posted on 1/18/15 7:21:32 PM Permalink

Voice was fun and super simple. I can see using it as a teaching tool. The only drawback I see is that it I'm only able to use it on my iPad and then need to email the link to myself - I wish I could access it on my laptop directly.

Here's my brief bio:

Vickey Bolling-Witt

Posted on 1/18/15 3:41:01 PM Permalink

This was a lot of fun. Adobe voice is a great program, especially for children. I chose to use images that I had rather than the stock images, and that process made the project for more engaging for me. I even used my iPad to photograph content from my MacBook Pro screen, to use in the images with Adobe voice. I'm looking forward to exploring the software more, once I am done with this coursework.

Aurora Ramos

Posted on 2/8/15 4:53:34 AM Permalink

Children will love this program. It is easy to access.

Gary Crossey

Posted on 1/18/15 5:59:09 AM Permalink

I am hooked to Adobe Voice. ZERO learning curve, with access to a huge selection of clipart. I embedded my first Adobe Voice video right into my website ( homepage - the video looks and sounds great.

Myron Pulier

Posted on 1/18/15 2:32:08 AM Permalink

Voice is very well thought out. The fact that how long each "page" shows is determined by the audio makes it easy to change the audio without fussing with synchronization the way one has to do with motion video. The "production values" (quality of the pictures and of the sound) were surprisingly high. I tend to slave over creating and touching-up images in the pieces I've produced, but this exercise with Adobe Voice has made me realize that its the story that counts and that the voice is really what moves the thing ahead. Next time, I'll focus more on getting more feeling across in the voice: record a segment over and over until it sounds right. Actually, it's easy to go back and re-record anything. It would be nice, however, to be able to have an "advanced mode" option where I could insert a voice segment edited in some other app (e.g., Audacity), and a super-advanced mode offering an API where Voice could be sort of embedded in another program, administered over a network by a central controller and used to generate a library of narrated educational slide shows that could be shown to patients, for example to explain the operation they are about to undergo. The Voice work flow is pretty close to what I began to work on some years ago (and gave up on).

Ooh, I just realized I may be able to post my video here. OK, here .

Sherie Anderson

Posted on 1/19/15 12:18:19 AM Permalink

You have an awesome story-teller voice. I was drawn in by the repeated use of your letter and New York. I am wondering if there is a way to slow down the transition of some of your images. I heard everything you said, but my eyes couldn't focus on the images fast enough.

Myron Pulier

Posted on 1/19/15 2:31:57 AM Permalink

You make a good point, Sherie. Aside from "location location location", they say "timing is everything". While clarity of sound may be the most important production value (it is in conducting psychotherapy over a remote link), the pacing in a video may be the next most influential factor. Watching my video I had the same reaction, that things were going by too quickly. It would be nice to have some kind of, like I say, "advanced" mode where the sound could be edited, at least by appending or prepending a brief silence that would extend the "dwell" time on a page... or alternatively by excising a silence in the voice stream so as to speed the video up at certain points. The way things are right now I think I would have to re-record the talking and speak more slowly, then re-post the video with a different URL. But how can one tell, while creating a piece, that the pacing is off? Oops, I know... I should have done it before saving the stuff, watched a run-through and re-recorded right then and there. I was too impatient. Next video will hopefully be better.

Kevin Theisen

Posted on 1/18/15 2:15:48 AM Permalink

I really liked Voice. It would be nice if you could make custom themes using your own backgrounds. It would also be great if you could add your own custom layouts. But this is a very nice little utility.

Robin Boehlen

Posted on 1/17/15 10:24:06 PM Permalink

I found Adobe voice to be a fairly well made application, but I feel like it was slightly too streamlined and therefore, it cuts back on the creativity that is possible with it. I still think it was an overall positive experience and am planning on using it again!

Myron Pulier

Posted on 1/18/15 2:38:48 AM Permalink

I found the limitations of Voice to be strengths in my case. Voice got me to proceed with telling a story with fewer of the unnecessary and distracting bells and whistles I usually keep throwing into stuff. I notice that the developers have now added a choice of fonts. There will be "mission creep" as time goes on, but I hope it stays simple enough for newbies to cut their teeth on and for overly fussy people like me to learn more discipline from.

Megan Dill

Posted on 1/17/15 5:50:07 PM Permalink

To keep this post nice and clean, my experience with Voice was outrageous and awful. I am an Android user and I used and paid for Animoto app, and my final result was beautiful. But I cannot figure out how to upload it to anywhere but my own Facebook account, Twitter, or WordPress Blog. I have now spent 5 hours trying to figure it out and I am giving up. Adobe Voice is a terrible force among mankind in my opinion!

Sherie Anderson

Posted on 1/19/15 12:06:33 AM Permalink

Hi Meghan,

I also used Animoto. I downloaded the video to my laptop, saved it, then went to Behance and uploaded it.

Donna Dolan

Posted on 1/19/15 1:27:41 AM Permalink


It's to bad you did not have a good experience with Adobe Voice. What may be your hang up is that Adobe Voice is for iPad use only )at the moment. It is not intended for use with the Android platform.

Catherine Knight

Posted on 1/16/15 6:39:21 PM Permalink

I loved the easy accessibility of Voice! This will be great with even very young students, but it could also get adults to think, reflect, and express themselves without much technology getting in the way. Of course, anything this easy has a lot of limitations compared to more powerful programs. I was not successful yet in adding silence between comments, but I think it should be possible. It was also my first project on an ipad, so that involved learning how to make my images available. I am thankful for dropbox. One problem not solved is that my adobe account is in my formal name, Catherine Knight -- the one with a credit card --, but my working artist name is Katie Knight. I wish my voice page used the later name.

Shirley Al

Posted on 1/16/15 3:07:42 PM Permalink

Adobe Voice was fast and easy to stuff! I can see many uses ahead.

Aurora Ramos

Posted on 2/8/15 4:54:43 AM Permalink

I totally agree with you. I like that it was fun!

Mike Johnstone

Posted on 1/16/15 1:36:36 PM Permalink

I thought voice was excellent. The more i used it, the more I wanted to use it. I thought i would bang this project out, but as I created it, i couldn't stop adding things and moving things. I challenged myself to use what was already on my ipad(otherwise I would have to sort though literally thousands of photos) I only wish there was some more control of transitions and layouts. Mine got repetitive

Lynn Dexter

Posted on 1/15/15 3:26:25 AM Permalink

I really enjoyed using Adobe Voice. My one question is about closed captioning. This is VERY important at my school. If Voice does not have a cc option, I cannot ask students to use it and I would be very limited in how I can use it.

Lynn Dexter

Myron Pulier

Posted on 1/18/15 2:49:59 AM Permalink

That's a good point, Lynn, but it's hard to think of a good solution offhand. Maybe there should be a special "closed caption" module that a creator can call up. The creator could then associate a string of text with each page. The user (the audience person viewing the video) could then select the closed caption option which would reduce the size of the video on the screen and present the captioning text in the space under the video. The next "page" of the video would not appear when the voice segment has ended (like it does now), but would have to be called in by the user's clicking a button, giving the user time to read the caption. A bonus of such a feature would be that the caption could be automatically translated into some other language. This would not only expand the audience for the video, but could help a user learn a new language. I've picked up a bit of Italian and stuff by reading English subtitles on Italian movies, but I never tried watching a movie in English with, say, Italian subtitles. I'll bet it could work.

Abi Woldhuis

Posted on 1/15/15 2:46:21 AM Permalink

Just made an Adobe voice. Love the prompts to help scaffold the story line. If I was to use this with little kids, I would get them to use the headings in the scaffold to writ a script to help with the final product. Lends itself beautifully to integrated units. Really love this app. Very powerful. Would be great to annotate pictures that are uploaded. Editing features are easy to use which is a big plus for younger grades. Thought I would also use it to promote staff development sessions. Great for book reviews.

Tiffany .

Posted on 1/14/15 7:24:03 PM Permalink

I did enjoy creating video. I can see using it in classroom for brief tutorials or if I need to email students quick tuts!

Patrick Harrison

Posted on 1/12/15 11:32:10 PM Permalink

I enjoyed putting a short story together using Voice. This was first I used the iPAD in this way. Normally, I use it only to test APPs I have built. I would prefer to use Adobe Story CC and Premiere Pro CC (2014) to script and build stories. I see Voice as nothing more than a tool to build simple slide shows. It does have the appeal of being very simple to use.

Howard Dewsbury

Posted on 1/12/15 10:12:34 PM Permalink

Before I knew about Voice I had used other programs but they didn't have voice. I thought they were good but with Adobe Voice you can do so much more and the results are excellent.

It only took a few minutes to be able to create my first Voice story. This app is going to be very useful in developing future projects.

casey unangst

Posted on 1/12/15 1:48:46 AM Permalink

I love Voice! I didn't even know it existed before today and now I plan to use it in my classroom all the time!!!

Rhonda Mashburn

Posted on 1/15/15 5:19:53 PM Permalink

Same. I love it now that I have played with it some.

Andrea Grych

Posted on 1/10/15 11:38:10 PM Permalink

Using Adobe Voice was actually quite simple. In my classroom, I can use Adobe Voice as that perfect tool when one needs to create a quick video that illustrates a particular concept. Students seem to prefer a video over any other delivery medium.

My short bio using Adobe Voice

Beverly Tate

Posted on 1/10/15 12:26:36 AM Permalink

Although I was unable to use Adobe voice I used another software so I really cannot say how Adobe voice worked, but I am sure is was grand from reading others post.

Donna Dolan

Posted on 1/7/15 9:16:47 PM Permalink

Adobe Voice is so easy to use. So many endless opportunities to tell the story. My students are loving it!

Dominic McCall

Posted on 12/14/14 3:54:03 PM Permalink

No but now Ive seen it will get it uploaded onto some college i-pads give it a trial with someone from the English department and let you know.

Cindy Sakurai

Posted on 12/7/14 11:27:53 PM Permalink

I had never heard of Adobe Voice before today but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it out. It is easy enough that my first graders can use it to tell their stories.

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 12/7/14 9:48:51 PM Permalink

I have never used or heard of it, though I just had a look and I will definitely be exploring this.

Daniel Esquerra

Posted on 12/7/14 7:43:11 PM Permalink

I'm looking forward to how students can use this app to tell math stories. This should liven up procedural fluency.

Colin Byers

Posted on 10/10/14 4:19:54 AM Permalink

I've played with it a bit, it is very intuitive, and I've just implemented the use of it with one of my students who has cerebral palsy. The great thing about voice is that it allows a student (such as mine) who has limited mobility to create something with ease. The only thing I found challenging is that the voice recording takes a bit of getting used to, often I want to provide a soundtrack rather than snippets of sound for individual pages... but I'm sure I'll get used to it. What I'm hoping to get out of voice is some good storytelling by my students, and by my staff.

Paulo Sudhaus

Posted on 10/8/14 7:44:46 PM Permalink

I just create my first (and very short) video story and the process was very simple and intuitive. The initial tutorial was very helpful as a first step. What took for me the longest was the selection of pictures since Voice offers large banks of images (I didn't use my own images). Once I had my topic chosen, the whole process was quite easy.

As an educator, I may use Voice for short reflections and presentations that can be shared among the students and engage in further discussions. For instructors, Voice could be used for quick presentations of important topics and their main ideas (either as an overview or review). I am sure I will find more uses for it.

Ramapriya Rajagopalan

Posted on 10/2/14 4:30:41 AM Permalink

Great App! Gives a great feeling and sense of achievement for students when they create a story, yet simple and easy to Learn and use across any year levels


Posted on 9/30/14 2:47:00 PM Permalink

I could really see this being used very easy for a presentation across many educational levels and environments! I just put something together in a few minutes.
I am really excited to see what i could do with a presentation with a bit more time and planning to it. (I just stumbled upon it as part of the course. I never knew Adobe had any apps that did not cost except for acrobat reader!
I assume the images are free and clear for use?

Brandon Poyfair

Posted on 10/9/14 8:54:34 PM Permalink

Hi John. We are excited that you are having a good experience with Voice and we can't wait to hear more from you!

To answer your question: Voice searches sites like Flickr and for photos tagged as Creative Commons or public domain. For more information about a specific icon or photo you’ve searched for, just tap on the “(i)” button that appears to the bottom right of the image in your story. And whenever you search for images and icons, Voice will automatically add credits at the end of every video. Thanks again!

James Watt

Posted on 9/19/14 2:59:53 AM Permalink

Excellent app. for many reasons. I teach a Grade 7/8 ISP LD class and my students needed something lighter than Premiere Elements to help them understand digital story-telling & introduce them to editing and composition. I will use it at the end of term to get my students to record a self-critique that they will present to their parents at report card interview night. In addition to PD'ing my staff, I will be using it this month to teach digital story-telling in all of my grades 4 - 8 Media classes. Just getting started with the app. but the results so far have been very satisfying for the students. Have not published yet and was hoping to find some info. online to clarify my choices... hoping the students can publish & share straight from their iPads without signing up for yet another account??? Will be writing sentence starters (mini-scripts) for students who are younger or simply need a leg-up. Hope Adobe make a similar version of InDesign & Illustrator to introduce Junior and Middle school students to these areas in an accessible way. Love the Photoshop app. on our school iPads. Indispensable:)

Andrea Cushion

Posted on 9/2/14 7:23:32 PM Permalink

An exciting app! Just started playing with it and looking forward to it integrating with other creative suite applications! Think my students will enjoy using and exploring with this.

Mats Soderberg

Posted on 8/31/14 1:26:37 PM Permalink

Just downloaded the software, looking forward to start the course

Jason Webb

Posted on 8/27/14 2:23:24 PM Permalink

The potential to use this with students that have a hard time telling stories is endless. It is quick and easy to use and I can't wait to see how it develops. One idea I had was for students to create a "campfire story" where each student has a slide and they pass the iPad around the room and add their own part to the story. I think it would be hilarious to see what comes out.

My only issue was clarity in my voice and I found using a plug in mic fixed that. Happy story telling everyone!

James Watt

Posted on 9/19/14 2:51:27 AM Permalink

Cool idea. I will piggy-back on your idea and pass my iPad around to each teacher to add a comment and an image to see what they thought of the app. & PD session. Appreciate your post. Cheers

Deborah Altenbeck

Posted on 9/30/14 5:15:49 PM Permalink

sounds like a cool idea! Very much like the story cubes - a set of dice with pictures on it and each student tries to tell the story referring to one of the cubes.

Albert Thomas

Posted on 8/6/14 2:13:05 PM Permalink

Great app with a lot of potential in education. I like how it is to jump in and start creating. Looking forward to sharing Adobe Voice with others this year.

Christina Strnad

Posted on 7/26/14 5:54:14 PM Permalink

I found it challenged me to be clear and concise. I did several edits where I deleted pages that seemed repetitive or extraneous. I will use it with my media students and will share with ELA teachers.

Ann Riding

Posted on 7/18/14 8:46:06 PM Permalink

The hardest problem I had was deciding what I wanted to make a video about. Once I had a purpose, it was easy! I jotted down a few notes, recorded, found the pictures, changed the music and theme, and it was finished! I also found where I could add credits for the photos of my own that I used.

I see so many possibilities for the classroom. Today I met with the 7th grade team and shared my excitement for Adobe Voice. It fits right in with their plans, so very likely that we'll try it out at the beginning of school.

I have plans to have students use it to create booktalks, school announcements, an introduction to our school for the webpage, and many others. Voice may be received better because students won't be hung up on their appearance. They may balk at hearing their own voice, at first, but once they feel the power of their words, I think they will get past it.

I like that the project can be watched first, before it is posted and can be edited further, if needed. We would need to make sure that students followed basic Internet safety policies before posting. Actually some projects could be shared from the iPads, and not posted, depending upon the assignment objectives.


Posted on 9/30/14 2:53:36 PM Permalink

That is the biggest thing isn't it? when it registers that it is that easy to roll forward out of the gate then you find yourself pondering all the possible applications.....

Marc Boucher

Posted on 7/13/14 12:53:23 PM Permalink

Hi Melissa,

I just post my first Adobe Voice project: and I had many problems for regisistering the voice, for the text and picture, no problem.

the big problem is we can't see our creation when finish or during the works like it will be shared

AJ Barse

Posted on 7/8/14 3:59:05 PM Permalink

I am thinking of trying this with my upcoming mobile media summer course, it will be interesting to see how students use this.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 7/7/14 9:19:57 PM Permalink

Is there any chance this app will be developed further, for example, to incorporate laptops and desktop computers?

jason sanders

Posted on 7/3/14 10:47:04 AM Permalink


Sheila Pope

Posted on 6/14/14 7:18:03 PM Permalink

I am working on another project using Adobe Voice. However, each time I try to add voice to pictures, the app closes. It has done it atleast six times. I have restarted my ipad and it continues to close. I am new to adobe voice. Has anyone else experienced this before? If so, what did you do to fix it.


Sheila Pope

Posted on 6/13/14 7:47:27 PM Permalink

My First Story!

I needed a unique way to solicit participants for my study. Immediately, once I saw this app and its capabilities, I said I would use it to speak to my audience. On yesterday, I sent a couple of possible participants my video. I loved how easily and quickly I could create my project. One point of contention was uploading the projects multiple times in order to share it. I could not send my project to Twitter for some odd reasons. I think there should be an option to share with Wordpress and Google Plus. Next, I am going to create various videos and use them in my digital textbook in the video library. Great professional development activity.


Posted on 9/30/14 2:55:07 PM Permalink

actually YOU introduced me to this app Shelia, so thanks are in order!

carolyn brown

Posted on 6/12/14 4:03:56 PM Permalink

I like it a lot and my students will enjoy using this app to be creative. However there are a couple problems: 1) the Voice movies need to be embed-able in the LMS which requires "https" embed codes. 2) students are not required to have iPads, most only have laptops so they cannot use this at all.

Pip Cleaves

Posted on 6/10/14 10:38:03 PM Permalink

I can see Adobe Voice as an awesome addition the the foreign languages classroom. Here is an EdEx activity sharing an example and some ideas for use.

Ann Riding

Posted on 7/18/14 8:48:06 PM Permalink

I think my Spanish teacher is going to love this app--thanks for the idea. Their end of term tests are recorded and this tool seems like it might make that a fairly easy process.

Our ELL teacher is interested in having her students create stories, too.

Manish Tripathi

Posted on 6/4/14 1:48:28 PM Permalink

Yes, I have tried it and like it a lot. I can see this being used for information purposes. For example, if a school wants to provide a quick overview of what makes their school special and sets them apart from others, this is an ideal tool to use. I am still exploring its full potential, but from what I have seen so far, I like it.

Adobe Education

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Very exciting there is enthusiasm for Voice. For more lesson plans that will perhaps help you bring Voice into the classroom do check out: And please do add your own experience, resource, and lesson plans as you begin to work with your students.

The AEE Team

Jeff Larson

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The link here includes the period and comes up as an error. Had to copy and paste url and delete period. Just FYI..


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This seems like the quickest and most engaing training for my learners....I appreciate the resources!

Curt Peters

Posted on 6/4/14 12:11:04 AM Permalink

I can see using this as a way to do some reflective evaluation. For example, after a long field trip, have the students create a short video about something they learned, something that sticks with them, or some other point they'd like to make. It would be great for those students that don't like to write but will willingly talk about their experiences.

Adobe Education

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One of the sample lesson plans, created by Sheri German, does just that with a field trip!

Rachelle Wooten

Posted on 6/2/14 12:16:24 AM Permalink

Adobe Voice is my new favorite app! This is a very easy app to use and could be great for the classroom. I most appreciated the options to choose from like: promote an idea, explain something, etc. This will help prevent writer's block for some students who get stuck on a blank page. I also like the icons that are included as they will give students/teachers an opportunity to find images without having to go to a variety of sites. My only concern is that when sharing I had to enter my Adobe ID. This could be a challenge for our students. Will they also need an Adobe ID for accessing images from CC?

Diana Bidulescu

Posted on 5/27/14 6:08:45 PM Permalink

I am an ISTE Digital Storytelling Network leader and I was very excited to discover Voice. I like the ease of adding personal voice to the project, which is one of the most important look-fors in digital storytelling, as it allows for personalization and interpretation. I like the graphics. I think it can be used effectively for concept demonstrations that could be linked to content/lessons and enable the educators to continue the good teaching "their way" while providing the digital means for the 21st century teaching and learning. Love it! I would like to see enabled a feature that allows for screen-capturing and video recording, aside from the graphics to enable for personalized visual content (it would allow educators to produce great content that they can further host on any LMS, which is a major need in education nowadays)

Ursula Cable

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What an easy to use and effective tool. One thing I was really impressed by was the short time needed to produce a high quality piece of work. This will be so effective in the classroom as students will finish their project in only one lesson. Simplifies the process of production while still encouraging individual expression.

Beth O'Malley

Posted on 5/23/14 10:53:02 AM Permalink

I really enjoyed using this app. I am really looking forward to introducing it into the classroom. It was so easy - I might even be able to convince some tech-reluctant teachers to give it a go.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 5/13/14 9:29:22 PM Permalink

I have just downloaded this app, and tried to create a short animation. It was sort of successful, but |I can see where this would become a tool for students and teachers alike, as it allows for a quick and informative approach to communicating information and more.

Jesse Cole

Posted on 5/13/14 5:44:47 PM Permalink

I currently have one of my students doing a Digital Interactive Media project; he is planning on using Adobe Voice and his iPad to create his media project. His grading rubric requires him to provide feedback on the app, as part of his production grade. I hope it will help provide my class and myself some feedback about this new app.