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Does anyone know if there is a contact person or a help email address for questions regarding becoming Adobe Certified? I have some general questions about it such as: Which certification is right for me? I am hoping to teach seminars, will this prepare me for that? What tests will I have to study for to be fully prepared for the certification? Will I have to pay for each test separately? I noticed that some testing was only for Photoshop while other tests were only for Acrobat or Illustrator.

I have more questions and would like a point person to help me out. I am very interested, I have been thinking about this for a few years now and I just don't know where to go for help.

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anindya banerji

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Dan Armstrong

Posted on 7/30/13 6:24:52 AM Permalink

There is also a good post going on about preparing for the ACE in the Ed Exchange located here

brooke allen

Posted on 7/15/13 6:31:08 PM Permalink

Hi Michelle,

I am writing the Adobe certification exam the end of August. If you're in Canada, which I am, the contact person is Julie Jeffries from Wiley Publishing. She was incredibly helpful. Also, once you certify in a version of an exam, you don’t need to retake that test. To elaborate, I am being certified in print and taking the exams for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In the winter I will be certifying for web and video. Photoshop overlaps all 3 certifications so if I certify in Photoshop CS6, I am certified and do not need to take that version again until the certification expires. The contact person at Adobe who helped me was Amberly Kingsford | Project Coordinator; Adobe Training Services | Adobe Systems | p. 385.345.1789 |

Adobe Education

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Leesa Ward

Posted on 4/2/13 8:39:17 AM Permalink

How do we go about claiming the 50% student/teacher discount?

Adobe Education

Posted on 4/2/13 4:23:32 AM Permalink

HI Michelle,

There are different kinds of Adobe Certification. The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) is designed for folks who want to demonstrate entry-level industry skills in our products. You can learn more about the ACA here: There are free study materials on the site as well. Click on "View Preparation Materials" to learn more. If you are a teacher or a student, we can offer you a 50% discount off the cost of Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). ACE is a professional-level exam for those with expert-level product knowledge. Here is more information on ACE:

You can also take a look at this PDF that can help you think about the best path for you as an individual.

Once you've reviewed what is online please come back with specific questions so we can continue to help you.


~Adobe Education