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What are your favorite new features of Photoshop CS6?

What are your favorite new features of Photoshop CS6? I'd absolutely love some feedback on this. I'm presenting at Photoshop World next Friday, and I am preparing for my session this whole weekend. Of course I have my own favorite features, but would love to hear from the rest of you too. I would like to present things that would appeal to a wider audience. Please do tell what "must include" features I should demo. Thanks!


Here's a photo I edited in Photoshop CS6 by adding the new tilt-shift blur filter, just one of my top favorite new features!

Downtown San Jose

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Cortez William

Posted on 5/19/19 3:45:14 PM Permalink

I like the Adobe camera raw 7.0, the improved crop tool and the adaptive wide angle.​

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 4/30/13 11:51:58 AM Permalink

other one feature i like it on Photoshop CS6 is: Content-Aware Move Tool
Content-aware technology was great for removing objects in Photoshop CS5. Now you can use content-aware technology to move objects! This tool makes it easy to move people and objects around.

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 4/30/13 11:45:51 AM Permalink

one of the best feature in Photoshop CS6 for me is :Change blending mode on multiple layers at once
Both blending mode and opacity can be changed on multiple layers at once — select lots of layers and choose a blending mode or opacity to set it for all selected layers. Blending mode and opacity now also shown correctly when layers are hidden.

Kevin Woeller

Posted on 10/3/12 4:06:44 AM Permalink

I really enjoy CS5, but CS6 seems very powerful as I just brought it. I am visually impaired

and I like the gray background, because it is easier to see. I w3ant to buy a CS6 book, but

not sure which book I want to buy. So maybe someone can help me out.