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ACE on: Photoshop CC or Photoshop CS6

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I would like to have guidance on how to select which certification that would suit me more between:

  • ACE Photoshop CC
  • ACE Photoshop CS6

I know, for the characteristics, that:

ACE Photoshop CC:

  • Requires recertification every 2 years (online recertification removed)
  • Last certification up to date in Photoshop series
  • 162 euros (got 15% discount for retry)
  • 75 minutes (+30 mins as I'm not an English native)
  • 66% pass rate over 51 questions (34 right to pass)
ACE Photoshop CS6:
  • Does not require recertification (great to lower costs)
  • Unavailable anymore at the end of March 2015 (which would be a deadline for me)
  • Not the last certification up to date
  • 162 euros (I do not have discount)
  • 55 minutes (+30 mins as I'm not an English native?)
  • 60% pass rate over 50 questions (30 right to pass)

The characteristics that could compel me for each of these certifications would be the following :

ACE Photoshop CC:  

  • Tried twice already. Failed twice, around 55% the first time, 33/51 the second time (1 question to pass... and I know I changed a good answer to a wrong one before the end).
  • Individual clients are using Photoshop CC, not even seeing Photoshop CC in the enterprise sector in my country (France). My main clients are individual clients, but corporate clients give much more... money when subsidised by our State for trainings.
  • I hate Adobe Bridge CC (for UX reasons).
  • I do not really want to fail a 3rd time the exam. I really hate this exam already.
  • The two failures gave me random metrics each time on exam content. Therefore I cannot know what to improve (what could be 100% success could be 0% afterwards or vice-versa for instance).
  • I use Photoshop CC since it was available.
  • I passed ACA Photoshop CC with 900/1000.
  • The only certification exam I failed at least twice.
  • I get the max score on demo questions...
ACE Photoshop CS6:
  • Never tried exam. However, I would need to pass it before the end of March 2015, otherwise it would be unavailable.
  • Greater cost for me (I do not have the 15% discount on retry for this).
  • I used Photoshop CS5 and CS6 (Extended versions) for a very long time designing skins and models for worldwide competitions where I was a developer. Therefore, I still... remember almost all shortcuts that would be relevant (probably).
  • I used Adobe Bridge (in its previous versions) for also a very long time, in the same previous context. I'm not fan of the current Adobe Bridge (for UX reasons, although it is more fluid).
  • It would be great for my corporate clients. Could be relevant for individual clients.
  • Not up to date version could make things worse afterwards if I need to pass ACE Photoshop CC, if Adobe decides ACE Photoshop CS6 becomes a legacy and not giving credit to the certification.
  • I would get AT LEAST an ACE certification.
  • I feel more confident for the ACE Photoshop CS6 exam than ACE Photoshop CC (because long experience).
  • Might be easier as there is a lower amount of questions to pass with a similar amount of questions.
  • No recertification exam to upgrade to ACE Photoshop CC, which means a full price upgrade instead of 1/3!
  • I get the max score on demo questions...

I could also try ACE Captivate 5.5. However, it is really an outdated certification I guess... Current version should be 8, but no exam is available. I would love to see a version 8 exam. I would have to refresh my skills for 5.5.

What would you recommend me?

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Leona Guidace

Posted on 2/11/15 12:02:14 AM Permalink

Hello there,

If you are interested in the CS6 version, you should pursue it as you mention before March 2015. Perhaps try the CS6 since you have mentioned that you feel more confident with CS6, and you disliked the CC test. Wishing you the best!