Brian O'Dell
Digital Media Instructor

Anyone else having problems following others?

There are some Adobe Exchange members that I would like to follow but when I click the follow button it just shows the spinning icon but never goes through.  Anyone else having this issue or have a solution?  Ive tried it at home and at school and its the same.

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Max Tyson

Posted on 10/12/18 3:33:33 PM Permalink

can i use my student account on adobe so i dont have to pay?

Adobe Education

Posted on 10/27/15 3:35:31 PM Permalink

Hi all - this is a known issue that we have been working to solve, but have been unable to so far. We're also working to make it more meaningful to follow other members so that you can better connect with what other members are doing.

By the way, in the future, it's best to report technical issues to use via the Feedback Form. It's a much faster and easier way for us to get more information about the issue.

Beverly Baker

Posted on 10/27/15 2:06:47 PM Permalink

I can follow others as well, but I do not get their posts. Could you share with me how you got your profile photo to post?

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 10/27/15 6:04:51 PM Permalink

If its not posting it may be the size of the fie or the format you are trying to use. I remember having to save my image to a smaller file size to get it to accept it. Hope this helps. JPEG, GIF or PNG 700MB max or it won't accept it.

Beverly Baker

Posted on 10/28/15 12:25:51 AM Permalink

Thanks, I tried sizing it at 20k, jpg, to no avail.

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 10/29/15 12:03:16 AM Permalink

What internet source are you using? Try using chrome and it should solve your problem

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 10/26/15 2:05:58 AM Permalink

Not had that particular issue, but I have found that there is no benefit in following others, I am not receiving notifications when they post or anything useful like that.

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 10/26/15 12:40:53 PM Permalink

I saw that too. I just follow those who have good resources that I can go back and forth to.