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What's the best age to introduce students to the programs from the Adobe suite?

Can anyone provide feedback about their school's experience in the introduction of the creative suite programs and graphics tablets to Primary school or Infants students. I'm wondering what the most practical age is to introduce our young achievers and what are the best programs to commence the learning process with? 

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Julie Persin

Posted on 7/18/16 9:18:31 PM Permalink

You won't ever go wrong starting early so that kids become fluent using industry standard apps/programs.

Jason Menard

Posted on 7/9/16 9:02:50 PM Permalink


My son is 2 and he uses the Sesame Street app to start to trace letters and watch videos about words linked to those letters. He loves several other toddler apps. He only plays in moderation before we have dinner and we sit with him to discuss the app while he plays.