Debbie Faires
Director of Online Learning

Trying to register for Makerspaces webinar

I'm trying to register for the following webinar but I get a message saying "Event registration is not available." Does that mean it is full? Or has the registration not opened yet?

Makerspaces: What they are and how they can impact your education organisation with Roxana HadadLed and developed by Adobe Education Leaders (AEL)


Adobe Education


April 6, 2017 from 7:00 pm - 8:00pm Pacific Time
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Adobe Education

Posted on 3/15/17 6:51:06 PM Permalink

​I just tried and was able to register. Can you try again? Or try with another browser and/or computer?


The AEE Team

Debbie Faires

Posted on 3/15/17 7:47:48 PM Permalink

​Thanks--it's working fine today. I have registered and am looking forward to the event.