Brian Dawson
Science Teacher/Emerging Technology Instructor/TV Production Advisor/iPad Tech Coordinator

Education Revolution

Using creativity for project-based learning brings digital tools into the daily curriculum for core subjects. Long term mastery of concepts and an increase in imagination in projects are the results with higher achievement for students.

I believe this can no longer be considered as an option for teaching and learning, but MUST become the standard in education. 

How can this mentality become integrated into core subject areas, and how can we promote this to our administration?  Is it simply all about the Benjamins?

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Peter Lee

Posted on 7/26/19 5:35:49 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing the great post.


Jan Michael Garcia

Posted on 7/25/19 10:39:51 AM Permalink

It must be the standard. We are now living in a digital world, and digital skills are relevant. Even in a developing country such as ours, digital literacy has become a must-have for employment.

William Cortez

Posted on 6/3/19 4:01:20 PM Permalink

I agree. The 21st century skills for our students MUST be imbibed​ in today's digital world.

Ahmed Belal

Posted on 11/28/18 9:11:08 PM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing

Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 2/14/14 12:16:17 PM Permalink

i agree with you about digital tools, nowadays learning becomes well grown with complected process and disciplines.

students are living already and spending their day in digital environment: internet, Mobile application and video games. if you really want to give students something knowledgeable and cognitive you have to use the same environment for learning process.

Brian Dawson

Posted on 2/14/14 4:15:40 PM Permalink

Well said. Taking away their devices in school today would be like taking away pencils and pens when we went to school. It is part of their life!