Kelly Kermode
Innovation Specialist, Teacher - Computers/ Design

Building a Community of Creatives

How have teachers/ schools created supportive systems to build a community for creatives?

Clubs? Groups? Opportunities? Culture?

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Jan Michael Garcia

Posted on 7/25/19 11:16:25 AM Permalink

​Study, show, and tell.

​The awe from doing this can serve as a starting motivation to identify creatives. From there, follow up with these people is done on a consistent basis.

Cortez William

Posted on 5/19/19 7:05:19 AM Permalink

​In our university, this is accomplished by assigning an eLearning specialist for each college or institute. The eLearning specialist in turn will be the point person in cascading the technology tools available for its faculty members.

Adobe Education

Posted on 5/30/14 1:38:28 AM Permalink

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 8/8/13 1:13:26 PM Permalink

Our students do a nice job of creating a community of young artist-learners. We have a National Art Honor Society chapter which tends to be made up of AP Studio and future AP Studio students. We have seven art rooms, and these particular students always seem to be in one of them. This is a pretty organic experience - we don't necessarily try to encourage it... it just seems to be the culture.

subhashini balasubramanian

Posted on 8/4/13 1:08:54 PM Permalink

Some schools have a quality circle - where group of teachers constantly assess the methodologies handled. Keeping regular records of every development and challenges faced in implementing any new or old method which in turn helps in healthy critique and betterment of any creative concept.