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How are you using Adobe voice?

Hi everybody,

I am new to the Adobe Education Exchange and wondered how people were using Adobe voice in the classroom?

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janice kelley

Posted on 7/9/16 2:53:45 AM Permalink

I helped fourth graders use it to make a video about endangered pandas based on an article they read in "Time for Kids." They LOVED using this app and could not wait to make another one.

Jennifer Showalter

Posted on 6/30/16 12:27:51 AM Permalink

My students use Adobe Video (Voice) for several projects. The best three were a "Goal Check-in," a group project characterized a main character from a play, and when they presented their "Show and Tell". All these projects turned out well and were meaningful for the students.

Rachelle Wooten

Posted on 6/30/16 1:09:44 PM Permalink

Hi Jennifer! Can you tell me more about you Goal Checkin? Are these projects here in the adobe Education exchange?

Rachelle Wooten

Posted on 2/28/16 2:34:45 AM Permalink

Hi there, I have used Adobe Voice for a number of different projects. Here is a link to a presentation me and one of my colleagues did on Adobe Voice. It spans grade levels and content areas. Let me know if you would like more ideas! :)

Bertha Kirschten

Posted on 2/16/16 3:11:42 AM Permalink

I am using Voice with a group of 1st Grade Students. We are using it to create a presentation for their Genius Hour projects. Students have a scaffold of information that they are researching for their projects. After they are done with their research, they are transferring the information into Voice for their final presentation. They can use the Creative Commons to find photos to compliment everything they talk about.

I also have a project planned with my 7th Grade students in which they are going to create a Voice project to present to the Superintendent. They are putting together a list of things that they would like to improve/change in the school and ideas on how to improve them. For example, they think the locker rooms are boring and they should have the school mascot or some other mural on the walls. They will talk about each of their ideas - and add a photo of the boring and a photo/drawing/sketch of what they would like to see happen. In the past they have written letters, but I thought this would be a neat way to put a different spin on it. Voice also allows the viewer/listener to hear the emotion and excitement in the students voices when they talk about their ideas for school improvement.