New Learning platform launched on the Creative Cloud!

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 by Rita Amladi Latest activity: May 17, 2014

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Hi all,

I'm excited to announce that Adobe launched a new Learning platform on the Creative Cloud today! It features hundreds of curated videos on subjects ranging from design, digital imaging, video/audio and web design and publishing. We're proud to offer premium learning content created by experts at Adobe and leading video trainers from around the world.

The content is now freely available to all, so please stop by and encourage your students to check out the shiny new learning experience for Creative Cloud applications.

Mainly, we'd love to get your feedback on the platform and featured content. Does the featured content meet your needs in planning your curriculum? What types of content will help you and your students? Workflow topics? In-depth tutorials? Inspirational content? How-to's? We'd like to hear!

The Creative Cloud Learn team

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Eliot Attridge

Posted on May 17, 2014 4:44 AM - Permalink

Just came across this- didn't know the resources existed, at least not in the way they are presented. It looks very easy to navigate and I'll certainly be using!

Karen Henchy

Posted on Mar 17, 2014 4:47 PM - Permalink

Wonderful resources, cannot wait to dig in!

Clint Balsar

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 12:26 AM - Permalink

It looks great and even more useful than before.

carolyn brown

Posted on Jan 12, 2014 12:54 AM - Permalink

Nice collection! I was already using some of these. It's great to see them all curated together.

Rita Amladi

Posted on Jan 12, 2014 8:31 PM - Permalink

Thanks, Carolyn! Let me know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered.

Joseph Labrecque

Posted on Dec 18, 2013 4:25 PM - Permalink

And a bunch of new content just went live yesterday it seems ;)

Rajesh Krishnan

Posted on Dec 14, 2013 10:13 AM - Permalink

Good source for intros!

Rita Amladi

Posted on Dec 15, 2013 3:37 AM - Permalink

Thanks! We'd love to get your feedback as you dig deeper.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 7:28 PM - Permalink

This is a nicely organized and quite visually appealing way to scroll through learning videos. Kudos to the learning team!

Rita Amladi

Posted on Dec 15, 2013 3:39 AM - Permalink

Thanks, I'll pass along the kudos to the entire team. Love to get more feedback as you explore.