Olga Kyle
Multimedia Producer, Trainer

How do you use the first 5 min. of your class?

It’s yet another week of the Spring Semester here in the U.S., and many of us are getting ready to walk into a room full of students... all consumed by their connected devices.

As a matter of fact, we counted that every student brings on average 3.5 internet-connected devices to our campus every day. And for many instructors, getting students' attention becomes a constant challenge.

If this is something you or your colleagues could relate to, check out this advice from The Chronicle of Higher Education:

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Nathan Abel

Posted on 4/4/16 4:22:38 PM Permalink

I do board work that introduces students to contemporary artists, illustrators, designers and photographers. Each chosen artist connects to what we're working on in class and the prompts ask students to look and and critically think about the work we're looking at, sometimes we discuss before students submit responses in Google classroom or we discuss after students have submitted. While students work on board work I frequently make announcements about upcoming deadlines or things we're working on in class.

Kimberly Gonzalez

Posted on 3/7/16 10:02:36 PM Permalink

I take roll by passing out index cards. The students put their name on the side with lines and then they do a drawing on the other side while I read them something. It could be an article, or poetry, or whatever. Every week we have a drawing theme: monster, dog, batman etc. At the end of the quarter, I hang them all up for an art show. :)

Brisbane Pressure Cleaning

Posted on 1/27/16 5:21:09 AM Permalink

I can tell you what is the most important task 5 minutes before class starts - coffee!

Sr. M. Mercedes Diaz

Posted on 1/27/16 12:36:00 PM Permalink

HA! SO TRUE! I guess the question should be about the first 5 minutes of class, not before. Good catch, Brisbane Pressure Cleaning.

Sr. M. Mercedes Diaz

Posted on 1/26/16 11:23:46 PM Permalink

I believe "bell work" is important because it jump starts the class. It is usually about a previous lesson but doesn't have to be limited to what was learned the immediate last class. Other times, it's good to just mix things up and do something totally out of the box and "disengage" them before starting something new.

Scott Winland

Posted on 3/7/16 8:10:28 PM Permalink

I agree 100%.