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Poor cousins: creative ideas and innovatives concepts


My starting point:

Anticipation and analyses save time and effort, even stress and are usually condition for excellent results and for enhancement. In my practice it‘s a challenge to engage the learners to a new thinking and working: to prefer the intelligent use of knowledge instead of encyclopedic recall. And to have fun with that! - The innovative use of media diversity helps to „push“ my teaching and learning aims.

What kind of experiences do you have?

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Dominic McCall

Posted on 1/4/15 2:34:24 PM Permalink

Having 'fun' with the learning process is a staple for my students through the 'experimentation' phase of their learning.

First I ask students to respond to various stimulus word, phrase, quote, visual image... but it is their emotional response rather than the literal 'wikipedia/google/bing' response that commands a premium as it will lead to stronger ideas and a more passionate personal response. Next it is this experimentation phase which is the 'fun' taking photos, but then pushing for doing 'it' again- take a photo from a different angle, different lighting then in post production use different tools settings in Photoshop. After this is when analysis becomes important some students 'fly' offering personal and technical reasons for their experimentation, annotating their screen shots of their creations. However there are some students who still have to justify in the 'it looks good' and thats where i like to have them write down the technique/ setting. Ensuring that even if this student is learning about the creative, they are learning the technique and as they mature have that moment when their creative spark ignites they have the techniques to 'run' their ideas to a creative conclusion!

Hope this helps?