isaac Kalinda
Graphic designer

what is the process of getting certified with adobe?

Good day everyone

i really need your help.

 i am currently base in South Africa precisely in Durban.

i want to get certified with adobe but i don't know where to go.

Please help me by guiding me what to do thanx

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Russ Christy

Posted on 11/11/13 3:21:42 PM Permalink

This depends on the type of certification you are looking to acquire. There are two types; ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) and ACE (Adobe Certified Expert). This link will help you get started ( The ACA is easier to pass as it will present you with multiple questions and a simulation. The ACE is more advanced as the exam is all multiple choice questions. With the ACE, you will need to pull from memory areas of the interface as there are no simulations or exhibits. You will also need to think about the expiration of the certifications. Creative Cloud certifications are renewed each year. Creative Suite is valid until the new CS version is released. If you don't recertify when the new CS version is released, you can state you are certified in a particular Creative Suite version.

Adobe Education

Posted on 11/12/13 3:04:36 AM Permalink

Thanks Russ - this is great. Indeed the ACA is designed for folks who want to demonstrate entry-level industry skills in Adobe products. You can learn more about the ACA here: There are free study materials on the site as well. Click on "View Preparation Materials" to learn more. The ACE is a professional-level exam for those with expert-level product knowledge. Here is more information on ACE: If you are a teacher or a student, we can offer you a 50% discount off the cost of ACE.

You can also take a look at these two PDFs that can help you think about the best path for you as an individual:

or for an education institution: