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New Training Course using Captivate

Hi Everybody

As a follow on to the Adobe Train the Trainer Course I did at the beginning of the year, using the professional development session plan I have just been given the go-ahead to create a learning course in one area of my work using   Captivate 8 to be delivered through our LMS BlackBoard. I'm really excited about it. I have sold Captivate to the powers that be and now I need to deliver.


I am only in the planning stage and thinking about design etc. I hope to Blog or Vlog about this experience and share that journey with this community, which will, I hope in turn will give others the benefits of what to avoid, and maybe some advice and shortcuts that I hope will be useful when creating courses in Captivate.

If you have already started and or completed a project if you have any advice about best practice and what you found useful I would love to here from you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards


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Sue Howlett

Posted on 9/24/15 3:15:09 PM Permalink

I will thank you

Sue Howlett

Posted on 9/24/15 3:14:52 PM Permalink

Adobe Education

Posted on 9/24/15 2:23:19 PM Permalink

Hi Sue,

Be sure to check out the work of Mark DuBois - he's shared some great Captivate resources.

The AEE Team