Mike Skocko

(re)Imagine High School

This article contains the essence of—something my students and I have been working on for years. Our principal has embraced this vision and all staff have her explicit permission to implement (or not) a customized version of in their learning environments at our public high school in the fall.

I'm sharing this in the hope that others might find something of value. Please feel free to express contrary views.

#RethinkHighSchool and #CreateEDU anew.

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max noremo

Posted on 1/24/20 1:34:55 PM Permalink

​Great Share, Mike!

Emma Wise

Posted on 1/15/18 9:44:34 PM Permalink

Fascinating thoughts and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Veronica Sarmiento

Posted on 5/27/17 10:28:31 PM Permalink

​I love this! I will be reading more of your posts and blogs to get pick up on some additional details, but from what I have read, YOU ARE SPOT ON! So many traditional teachers are unwilling to adapt!

In a class of 30 students we basically have 30 different "courses" running simultaneously because each student works at his or her own pace. My co-workers and I believe that this is exactly as it should be. We make it work, but it has been very difficult to manage and know there must be a better way. We have been talking about this at length for quite a while, but have lacked the time to really research and study the best methods for making this work. This summer is about revamping and reconditioning, and I think your resources and research could be what we have needed to make things happen. Once I finish reading through your site, may I contact you with questions? Thank you for sharing so many amazing resources, Mike!


Mike Skocko

Posted on 5/27/17 11:42:06 PM Permalink

Please feel free to contact me, Veronica. I'm always thrilled to hear from kindred spirits. :)

Maybe a Google Hangout rather than emails?

I've begun retooling for next fall already. Onboarding is the key. I've yet to nail it. Maybe this year will move the goal posts a little closer.

Jeff Milner

Posted on 1/8/17 7:21:37 PM Permalink

​This is interesting and reassures me that my attempt at "flipping the classroom" seems to be on the right track.

Larissa Warren

Posted on 1/7/17 7:00:28 AM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/8/17 1:43:28 PM Permalink

HTH, what I know of it from their website, articles, and the movie, Most Likely ​to Succeed, seems like a worthwhile approach to #RethinkHighSchool. What are your thoughts, Larissa?

My primary focus is on teachers in public education, though. We need more traditional classrooms to break with the status quo act as incubators for 21st century approaches to student-centered learning, all the while sharing successes and failures.

​This post on Twitter links to my latest experiment. It goes live tomorrow, Monday, January 9, 2017. I'm very excited to see what fruits this semester will yield.

Kathleen Dunne

Posted on 9/12/16 10:15:28 AM Permalink

​Thanks for this! It's so important to stop, rethink and reflect on what it is we are actually doing. It's easy to get caught up in doing something just because it's done. Just because it's common. As teachers we don't have all the answers but as a connected and inspired community we have a fighting chance.

Llana Bruggemann

Posted on 5/8/16 1:17:16 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing your blog articles. Reimagining high school is a huge question to consider but I believe we are in the midst of a really exciting time in education. Maybe common sense is overrated ;-0

"Sound English common sense?—?the inherited stupidity of the race."
?—?Oscar Wilde