Gary Poulton

Differentiated Curriculum

Differentiating the curriculum to meet the needs of specific learners is a current / trending issue the value of which is variously recognised; but do we as educators truely serve the best interests of students by differentiating content, pedagogy, expectations and outcomes for particular learning needs when the assessment of that learning is itself not differentiated. In this instance should not assessment at all stages including progressive and final exams also be differentiated to allow the student to demonstrate learning appropriate to the conditions that brought about the differentiation of the curriculum for them in the first place.

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Dorus Verwiel

Posted on 5/30/18 8:42:03 AM Permalink

​I agree.

personalised learning and differantiation in the learning process is a hot item at our college (a College in the South of The Netherlands).

I wonder: does Adobe offer solutions in the personalised and differentiated learning process? What software is suitable to incourage this process?

Chris Huxley

Posted on 3/10/17 6:11:39 AM Permalink

​I agree Gary. If we do not design assessment for the differentiated learning we provide what are we really assessing? If you take formative assessment seriously and believe that things such as hinge questions help you to guide learning more effectively the idea of differentiated assessment seems self evident.