Chris Clark
Technology Integrationist

Embedding an InDesign Publish Online document on

InDesign Publish Online is a very cool feature! I've created a couple of documents and used them in Behance.

The website says "You can also embed the document in any web page or blog." I tried to use the code to embed a graphic resume on my new site and here's what I get.

Any ideas?

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Tony McLachlan

Posted on 1/16/19 10:12:48 AM Permalink

​Hi Chris, did you manage to sort out your Publish Online issues? We use the Publish Online platform for a lot of the work that appears on our ​USQ Social Hub website. All of the content is embedded so I might be able to help if you need!

Chris Clark

Posted on 1/16/19 2:04:23 PM Permalink

I never found a way to successfully embed Publish Online files on my WordPress site. I decided that linking to the documents would meet my needs. I still like the platform, though; I now use it for the syllabus on my course website.