Paula Droddy
Technology Instructor

ACA: Getting your badges (aka logos)

What I've Learned:

  • Badges are issued through Certiport, NOT Adobe
  • It really isn't that hard to find them (once you know where to look).
  • Log in to Certiport. If you have more than one user designation, use the drop down menu to switch to Test Candidate.
  • In the bottom right sidebar, click the "Download User Logo" link.
  • You will be required to describe where and how you plan to use the logos/badges.
  • You will then read and agree to a legal agreement pertaining to use of the badges/logos.
  • At the bottom of this agreement you will type in your name and then click that you agree.
  • The next page has a list of your passed exams and a link for each one to get your logo aka badge for each one.
  • There are several files for each exam: a few different logos and also the user agreement unzips along with them.

I hope this helps. Part of what had me so confused was that my Certiport representative didn't understand this process. He kept sending me to acclaim, which is just digital badges, with a different purpose and appearance than the Adobe badges. Also, the interchangeable use of badge (Adobe) vs logo (Certiport) was confusing. 

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Sarah Johnson

Posted on 3/17/19 9:07:59 PM Permalink

I just passed the ACA InDesign exam and it was honestly much harder than I expected. And, I've been using InDesign for 13+ years. ​Anyone else feel that way about their ACA exam?

Lakeshia Boyd

Posted on 3/29/19 6:45:54 PM Permalink

Yes, I just recently took and passed the ACA Photoshop cc 2018 version and it was harder than expected. ​

Tyler Dockery

Posted on 5/5/15 7:55:32 PM Permalink

Badging is certainly a squidgy subject. While the idea of a certificate is tantamount to an individual or institution putting their name next to your skill, the badge allows for a certain amount of similarity. Its smaller, more compact, and in some circles can be important enough to be the end-all-be-all of the process.

Thanks for posting this!

Paula Droddy

Posted on 4/22/15 2:34:38 PM Permalink

You are right so right. I will be taking my class through the process of accessing their badges this week. Circumvent them "badgering" me for them!

Ian Upton

Posted on 4/22/15 10:45:31 AM Permalink

I teach a range of ACA at a University here in Coventry UK.

This year I had a student badgering me (no pun intended!) on passing his Premiere Pro ACA for his Certiport 'digital badge'. He wanted it up on his LinkedIn. I mentioned he could log in and access a certificate but that was obviously 'secondary' in perceived value against a properly validated and issued 'qualification badge'. It opened my eyes a bit to be honest and really think we should be considering these things not as add ons but 'the thing itself' - which for our younger social media minded generation is clearly becoming important!