Donna Dolan

Teaching teachers new tricks.

As a Digital Campus leader for my high school, I have given many PD workshops about Adobe products. However, I think the teachers are frustrated with the limitations of software avalable to them. I've demonstrated Adobe Spark, and they all seem to love the versitility of that application. I feel I may be missing something. What other Adobe applications do you like to share with teachers that will engage their students and require little to no effort on the teachers part? My teachers seem so overwhelmed that they don't want to spend time learning new tricks.

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Carlos Andres Orozco Palacio

Posted on 5/1/18 8:46:12 PM Permalink

​Hi donna teaching other teacher about tools like spark is amazing, because you improve their possibility to change the way their teach, technology if is used good improve our life.

Hisham Attia

Posted on 3/17/17 7:58:46 AM Permalink

​Hi Donna

I think it is more about designing learning activities that suit your students and then thinking about using some of the tools available, such as Spark. I consult to teaching staff and deliver courses myself and I can fully appreciate where you are coming from. But my advice is not to try to 'force' technology into the learning, but picking up those activities that can be better demonstrated using applications. Teachers focus on delivering the learning and that does not necessarily always need technology, especially if there is a steep learning curve for certain app. The great thing about Spark suite is that it is relatively easy and Adobe has done a great job to offer this suite for free too. A more holistic approach would be to look into your "digital media" courses that you may be already offering your students and ask the (non-digital) teachers to encourage students to apply their digital learning into their non-digital courses. So the idea here is to ask student to submit their work using digital technology that they have learned somewhere else, without overwhelming such teacher. The concept needs to be thought through in collaboration with the teaching staff and require a rethink of current to approach to leverage the benefit of digital tools available to students now. I hope this is somehow helpful, even though it may not have answered directly your question.



Derek Dorsett

Posted on 7/1/17 5:11:03 AM Permalink

Great response. I feel like many times there is pressure to incorporate tools and technology into the classroom just because it seems like the right thing to do. However, this can cause problems in the overall design of the course and may not benefit the students. The tool or technology used must serve a purpose in the course. With that being said I am about to suggest something that might seem like blasphemy on an Adobe website. Look into Google products, especially Google Education products. Google Classroom is a great mini Learning Managment System that integrates well with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Best of all it's all free stuff and can even be used for ADA and IDEA students who need accommodations. Google has top-notch online training that the teachers can explore in their own free time as part of a professional development series. Here is a website you can check out: https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/certifica...