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Special Education Practices

What type of educational materials/supports do you often feel like you need or lack in the classroom when it comes to educating students with special needs? Video, Visuals, etc...?

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steven zeichner

Posted on 4/24/17 1:46:49 PM Permalink

​As a public High School Graphic Arts teacher, it is not uncommon to have several special needs students requiring different teaching strategies mixed with students that do not require accommodations. I often have brilliant students that have a great working knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator but have little or no fine motor skills and students that have fine motor skills but are lacking short term memory. I find I sometimes ignore the mainstream students because of the amount of individual attention needed by the special needs of others. The aides and paraprofessionals present on a regular basis benefit from the instruction, demonstration, and hands-on experience in the class and are extremely valuable, but due to a lack of personnel, they are often pulled out of my room to assist others.

Because there are so many different special needs, for the 14+ years at my present school, what seems to work for me is evaluating the strengths and weakness of each special needs student in my class at the beginning of the semester. I then modify lessons, projects, etc. as required.

I would love to hear any other suggestion as to managing mainstream and special needs students in the same room at the same time.