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What is the best book or tool to study for the ACA Test for Photoshop?

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Dan Armstrong

Posted on 7/30/13 6:30:18 AM Permalink

serge paulus

Posted on 4/24/13 2:40:50 PM Permalink

Try this - just out now.

Adobe Education

Posted on 3/7/13 4:20:20 AM Permalink

The Study guides here: include practice exams, exam screenshots, and exam assets. Cheers, ~Adobe Education

marcia blanco

Posted on 3/3/13 4:26:38 AM Permalink

Hi Linda! Where do you find the online sample tests? Everyplace I go on Adobe ends up at a page error.

Adobe Education

Posted on 2/26/13 2:49:31 AM Permalink

The Adobe Visual Design curriculum supports the ACA certification objectives. You can fins the exam objectives here: Additionally you find all approved preparation information here: Best, ~Adobe Education

Linda Warner Constantino

Posted on 2/24/13 10:55:04 PM Permalink

There are some online sample tests from Adobe that outline what you need to know in terms of categories. I will say before taking the test it is important to make sure you totally understand the interface. For example, how you move on to the next question or skip it. It is not a big deal by you need to confirm your answer before moving on to the next question. I think you can go over this before actually taking the test. I have a colleague who kept flunking because he did not "confirm" ( not sure what the exact term is) before moving on to the next answer. Also, be sure to only answer what they are asking for. This has been my experience.