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Do we post only Adobe related questions on this site?

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Eliot Attridge

Posted on 11/9/15 1:39:46 AM Permalink

Just seen your post (and Adobe's response, which is cool).

Having been on a number of Edex courses, I have been pleased that the tutors have often mentioned alternatives. After all, unfortunately many schools around the world have not been able to purchase CC or even CS6 versions of software. By using alternatives it is possible to achieve the same result. Sometimes, though, it takes longer and is less efficient.

Within the AET forum (which is accessible if you pass the Adobe Education Trainer course) we do talk about other alternatives.

I'd suggest putting the software name in brackets at the start of the discussion or something like Painter: Does any one do this?

That way it can be found more easily. Obviously only Adobe products are marked up when searching- it might be an idea to include the nearest equivalent Adobe version so that searches identify it more often.

Hope that helps!

Adobe Education

Posted on 9/8/15 4:57:29 PM Permalink

Thanks for your question Anna. The Adobe Education Exchange is a place for educators to find and share teaching and learning resources, as well as, connect with other community members. The goal is to help educators foster creativity in their classrooms. While we hope posts will be Adobe related, it is not a requirement. I hope this is helpful.

The AEE Team