Kev Lavery
Training & Liaison Officer

Recording in Captivate 9

Just wondering if anyone knows any way to record audio narration first and then video afterwards?

I think it is a better workflow (and ends up being quicker than recording both at once or recording audio after). We have found that scripting first, recording the script, and then carrying out the actions accompanied by the recording gets us much more professional results (and is also quicker). It also gives us a script to paste in for closed captions so that we can ensure the most inclusive project possible. 

We have found another program (Screencast-O-Matic) that will allow us to do that but has less capabilities than Captivate. Given Adobe is usually very focused on emulating industry work flow it seems like this might be something that would fit within Captivate.

I know in the past people have used the notes in a PowerPoint slide or a second screen or even a print out on a piece of paper - just seems odd you can't do that for other types of video recording and demos.

Our work won't spring for Screencast-O-Matic and Captivate given their similar natures so we are left tossing up functions over workflow (unless someone knows how to do this - hopefully its really obvious and I've just been being dumb).

Thank you in advance to anyone taking the time to help out here. 

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Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 2/24/19 6:43:51 AM Permalink

Hi Kev, Using CMD+SHIFT+5 on Mojave works great to capture video and audio screen grabs. I have used these and drop into Adobe Premiere Rush to make quick tutorials.

Rene Pantoja

Posted on 3/2/18 2:57:25 AM Permalink

I would like to know why the video for educators was closed before March 2. We in America, it is still March 1 and I and many others were trying to complete our assignments. Can you do anything about it? Myself and others are really wanting to complete our studies. If you are going by European standard time zones why didn't you say so. We all depend on courses like this and we need those certificates for our professions. Please can't you do something . . . this is so terrible.

Kev Lavery

Posted on 3/2/18 4:12:04 AM Permalink

hey Rene,

Probably just a mistake. I tutor in the course but I don't facilitate it so I can't say what has happened. It is likely just a simple mistake. I'd suggest commenting over in the Video for Educators Discussion forum (or just watching it as other people have also posted this question).



Posted on 2/5/18 6:36:24 PM Permalink


I use Snagit... is it the same as Screencast-O-Matic? as far as what you are trying to accomplish?

Kev Lavery

Posted on 3/2/18 4:09:38 AM Permalink

similar I think - I think Screencast-O-Matic is a little more sophisticated (but they are pretty similar)​

Tammy Moore

Posted on 3/2/16 8:21:42 PM Permalink

Hi Kev.

Be sure to know that the Abobe Captivate forum will get faster answers for you than you might get here at the Adobe Education Exchange just because it is a more concentrated center for Captivate specific users. You can find it at -

I usually record my audio separately. You can use Captivate itself. It will add the audio files to your library in the project. Then you can put the audio wherever you want it. Personally, I use Adobe Audition for my audio which give me terrific control over the sound quality, multichannel sounds, and audio editing. Captivate round-trips with it, so it is easy to jump over to it if you discover you need more tweaking. You can save your audio and play it while you are screen recording with the recorder set to no audio if you want to add it in separate or set it to record audio if you want it to put them together as you go. Be sure to set up your sound input and output so that you can pick up application/system sound if you chose the latter option.

Kev Lavery

Posted on 3/3/16 12:00:34 AM Permalink

thank Tammy - I posted it over on the Captivate forum about a week ago but I've still got no takers.

I used to do that when I was doing video tutorials on Premiere - this workflow with Screencast-O-Matic is significantly quicker, the quality of your end product is higher and the overall process is much simpler. It is similar to the scaffolded process that exists in Adobe Voice. You paste a script in (it makes any new line a new section), you level your mic and record 3 seconds of silence, then you record each segment. Once you have recorded all your instructions you do your screen record; your audio plays back while you complete the steps (using a quick key to proceed each time you finish a step) - any time you go longer than your audio it mixes in the silence you recorded at the beginning.

Once you complete this you can edit (in which you can highlight, dim, speed up, slow down, annotate, freeze, etc.

It is such a superior workflow than what seems to be standard in Captivate (and one that Adobe is aware of and obviously understands given their scaffolding of process in Voice). I'm hoping there is a setting I can tweak somewhere to allow this (or someone from Adobe reads this and goes "oops, we missed that. Lets put it in as an update ASAP").

I like the possibilities of Captivate but if this is the standard workflow (and is unlikely to change) then we'd look at staying with Screencast-O-Matic as we can produce things at the same or higher quality at about 4 times the speed.