Rudra Iyer
Education Specialist

Flipped Classroom activities

What are the key methodologies used to implement flipped learning in 7th or 8th class using Presenter 10?

Also looking for an insight into topics which can be effectively flipped with students.

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Robert Wind

Posted on 11/3/14 1:01:27 PM Permalink

Great question. I like the work and teachings of Dr. Lodge McCammon. He has a method called THE FIZZ METHOD which I will let you explore through his video and blog post rather than trying to explain it casually. Lodge is the expert and I am simply an adopter. Also check out Flipped Learning Network, I've attached a PDF of their methodologies titled The Four PIllars of The FLIP.

Rudra Iyer

Posted on 11/4/14 4:37:21 AM Permalink

Surely will go through the Fizz Method and find out how it will look in the classrooms in which my teachers teach.

I am a member of the Learning Network , through which I intend to gather useful insights and share my experiences.

I would like to ask you ,in which grade,subject and topic have you adopted fizz method ?