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Public Domain Images

What happens when a student needs to find an image for a project but does not know where to turn? Google image searches (the horror!) and bad design. Obviously we want our students to take their own photos and build their own graphics for their body of work but sometimes this just can't happen. This article offers 5 resources for public domain images. I found it useful. You might too. Anyone have others they want to share?


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Freddy Torres Vega

Posted on 2/15/18 10:22:00 PM Permalink

A great one I found high-quality imagery and it gets new uploads daily is a community where photographers share with the rest their visuals.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 7/28/14 5:24:36 PM Permalink

You can use Google's advanced setting to filter images that are are "free to use, share or modify, even commercially"

Juan Pedro Secondo

Posted on 10/18/13 7:39:41 PM Permalink

I found an interesting site that allows to search pics by color or combination of up to 5 colors (and you can vary the percentage of each of them)

The pics found fall in the Creative Common License so students can use them.

carolyn brown

Posted on 10/15/13 4:33:24 AM Permalink

I tell my students to use stock.xchng ( we are very happy with the selection and quality of free royalty-free images.

oyku erten

Posted on 8/27/13 9:15:07 AM Permalink

I got a web tasarim firmasi I recommend my clients or students using free lisensed stock photos there are some on net but not enough, but most of them are using gfx sharing sites ,no one cares the lisense in Turkey for stock photos,bu t they had to... also advicing them to take orginal photos for the projects, unique content is always more valuable for me.

Donna Dolan

Posted on 8/17/13 8:41:19 PM Permalink

I found the same article and will be sharing it with my high school students.

Juan Pedro Secondo

Posted on 8/16/13 3:52:37 AM Permalink

@google search - images. In the ADVANCED IMAGE SEARCH tab you can set which type of USAGE RIGHTS to search for:

  • not filtered by license
  • free to use or share
  • free to use or share, even comercially
  • free to use share or modify
  • free to use share or modify, even commercially

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 8/9/13 9:22:35 AM Permalink

My students use StockExchange a lot. EveryStockPhoto actually searches StockExchange, but I find we get different/better results by going straight to StockExchange (note the strange URL, by the way... ).

EveryStockPhoto (listed in your link) is interesting because it searches a lot of sites and has a variety of image licenses. They are prominently displayed with each photo. It makes for a great teachable moment about creative people controlling their artwork. MorgueFile (again, listed in your link) is one we use and have a lot of success with.

I also make a point to encourage them to shoot their own photos as often as possible, a point you noted as well. I encourage to participate in these online communities when they begin creating their own photography.